One more overseas adventure before settling in America for a while… My good friend from college, Michelle, is attending vet school at St. George’s University down in Grenada! She told me I could come visit if I wanted to. After seeing how cheap flights were in April, I was in!!

Here I go again!

Here I go again!

I landed in the evening of April 9th and man, was it hot!! I got a taxi van… And I thought the drivers in Korea were crazy! These guys just barrel down these little roads honking away whenever they see a car or someone walking, just to make it known they are there. I told the driver I needed to use his phone to call Michelle for directions, which he wasn’t too happy about. A little while later, I arrived!! And I got to see Michelle’s lovely face!! She showed me around the campus a little bit and the docks.

Hanging out on the dock...

Hanging out on the dock…

The next morning while Michelle was in class, I headed out to the docks to chill and read a book. While I was out there, a security officer was lingering behind me like I shouldn’t be there. A little weird. When Michelle got out of class, we took a bus into town so she could show me where the beach and some other places were. I got lunch at a popular restaurant on the beach called Umbrellas. I sat up on the 2nd level under the umbrellas and enjoyed a little drink and some shrimp. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the beach!

Later on, I met Michelle back at her room so we could go to dinner. We walked to Dodgy Dock with her friend Caitlin, who was meeting her dad there for dinner. It was a nice little restaurant right on the dock. There were a couple little boats tied up about 20 feet from our table. As we were sitting, the sun was going down. A very beautiful view for dinner! We both had the lambi cobb salad. Lambi is a type of shell fish also known as the spider conch. It was pretty tasty!


On Thursday, I slept in for a while before heading to the beach while Michelle was in class. I could really get used to this kind of life! And the people here are very friendly… Maybe a little bit too friendly. They don’t think twice about coming up and having a conversation with you while you’re relaxing on the beach. And then you also have the people that try selling you things left and right. I enjoyed chattin’ with people, but it was when people would sit down next to me and want to hang out for a while that I wasn’t too fond of. One guy was wearing a nice button up short sleeved shirt decorated with marijuana leaves… Haha welcome to the Carribbean, mon!

Grand Anse Beach!

Grand Anse Beach!

That night Michelle and I went for a sunset walk on the beach… Lovely! Then we headed to La Boulangerie for some dinner. I got some delicious shrimp alfredo. It’s so nice to sit and chat with this woman! 🙂


Friday was so much fun! Michelle was able to get out of her classes for the day!! We went and did some shopping in St. George’s. When we got down there, this man insisted that he show us around. We were fine on our own and just couldn’t get rid of him. Eventually he said something along the lines of, “I show you around. You give me nice tip.” Michelle told him that we never asked him to show us around and that we weren’t going to pay him… He wasn’t too happy but he left finally. After shopping, we went to buy some floating noodles and headed down to Grand Anse Beach for the afternoon. It was sooo nice finally being able to hang out with her at the beach!


Noodle Life!

Noodle Life!

Fish Friday

That night, we rented a taxi to take us on the 45 minute drive out to Gouyave for Fish Friday! Fish Friday is two intersecting streets lined with tents each cooking up their special fish dishes. We tried a little bit of everything: fish balls, mac ‘n’ cheese pie, fried fish, lambi kabob, grilled fish in garlic butter, and a couple others that I can’t remember. It was so much fun trying all this tasty food, listening to music, and soaking all of this lovely culture in! Awesome time! The only downside is we didn’t see any oil down. Oil down is a signature dish of Grenada that Michelle has heard a lot about… Hopefully we’ll be able to find some the next time I visit!



DSC04728 DSC04731 DSC04733



Since Michelle has been here, she’s always wanted to go out to Carriacou, an island northeast of Grenada, so we took the ferry out there on Saturday! The ferry ride was pretty rough… We were so happy to finally get to Carriacou after a couple hours!

Can't get there fast enough!

Can’t get there fast enough!

We were planning on going to the tourist information once we got there to see what there all was to do, come to find out it’s closed on Saturday! What?! Haha that just seemed rather silly to be closed on the weekend. There were so many taxi drivers trying to get us to go here and there and it was a little overwhelming. So we stopped in at a little cafe for some smoothies and then went back out on the street after it calmed down. We wanted to go watch for sea turtles, but the ferry didn’t get there early enough or stay late enough to do that in one day… Next time when we can stay for the weekend I suppose. We chatted with a taxi driver to see what there is to do, and he suggested go out to Paradise Beach. There we could rent snorkeling gear and get a water taxi out to Sandy Island.


Wow! Sooo incredibly beautiful! Going to Paradise Beach is like walking into the land of the most beautiful postcards! Blue skies scattered with white fluffy clouds, clean beach, turquoise waters, and a few little boats in the water with an island and a couple little mountains in the background. We got our snorkels and goggles and hopped onto the water taxi to Sandy Island. We snorkeled there for a little bit. It was a little windy, so the water was a little choppier than I would have liked, but there were so many beautiful fish to look at!

Beautiful jumping photo!

Beautiful jumping photo!


I love jumping photos!

I love jumping photos!


Later on, we had the taxi driver come pick us up and he took us on a mini tour of the island. It took us up on top of one of the hills to look down at the harbor and then to the top of a hill looking down at the other side of the island. From that side, we could see Petite Martinique, one of the islands that celebrities often vacation to and pay thousands of dollars per night… Crazies! Haha but it is really beautiful, so I guess it’s kind of worth it.

We've reached the top!

We’ve reached the top!

The view of the harbor from up above!

The view of the harbor from up above!

Petite Martinique in the distance.

Petite Martinique in the distance.

On the ferry ride back to Grenada, we sat outside… Our stomachs were feeling much better on this trip!

Feeling much better!

Feeling much better!

Back to Grenada...

Back to Grenada…

Bye Carriacou!

Bye Carriacou!

We also got to see a bunch of little flying fish! Try to see if you can spot them…

Where's the flying fish?

Where’s the flying fish?

That night, St. George’s University was hosting a highlighter party! At a highlighter party, there are a bunch of black lights, glow sticks, and highlighters. Everyone wears a white shirt so you can write messages or draw pictures on each other and then see them glow in the black lights. Michelle and I had a pretty good time tearing up the dance floor… As we always do!!

Ready to go!

Ready to go!



Sunday was a pretty chill day… Michelle had a lot of studying to do (I learned on this trip that studying is basically your whole life in vet school…), so we took it pretty easy. Michelle heard that KFC was pretty good down here, but she hadn’t tried it for herself yet. When we got there, I was sooooo excited…. They had mac ‘n’ cheeeeeeese!!!!!! For those of you that don’t know, KFC has the BEST mac ‘n’ cheese on the planet!! (In my opinion anyways.) And the chicken was pretty tasty too. They add a little spice to it. Yum!

Monday morning it was back the US! I had such a great time visiting Grenada and seeing my lovely friend, Michelle!! I can’t wait to go down and visit again before she graduates!! 🙂


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