English Camp!

This week, my school is hosting an English Camp! There are 10 groups of students with about 15 students in each group, so we need lots of teachers to help out. In the morning, there were lots of snacks provided in the English classroom for all the teachers. I happened to stumble upon REAL garlic bread!! Every other time I’ve gotten garlic bread here in Korea, it has sugar on it…?!? The garlic bread that they got this morning had no sugar, just plain, delicious garlic bread! Victory!!

Since I only have to teach 1 lesson this week (once to each group), I wanted to teach the students how to make dirt cake. We were going to read a story book about worms and then make dirt cake with gummy worms. Since stores here don’t sell chocolate pudding (I know, right!) and because it wasn’t ordered online early enough to be delivered on time, I had to change my lesson. I decided to go with my safari animals lesson. I read a story to them called “We’re Going On a Lion Hunt.” Afterwards, I had them tell me what animals they saw in the book and I had to teach them some new animal names, like antelope, flamingo, wildebeest, etc. Then we played a PowerPoint game, where I would slowly reveal a picture of an animal and they had to guess what it was before I revealed the whole picture. Once the animal was revealed, we would answer questions about the animal: Big or small? Color? Fur or feathers? Horns, tusks, or beak? Mane? Stripes or spots?

Hidden Picture Flamingo 2

For the project, they had to make a poster of their favorite animal that we talked about. When they were finished, they presented to the class describing their animal. As a reward, I gave them their choice of some American candy! I had Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers, and Lifesavers! The first kid to try Tootsie Rolls was Hyun-joon. He’s a little trouble maker in one of my 5th grade classes… I wish I had the camera ready! His face was priceless! Haha he didn’t like it at first, but then later on during the class when he saw that other kids liked it, he decided that he liked it too. There were mixed feelings about Tootsie Rolls and Twizzlers, but everyone that picked Lifesavers really liked them!

We had extra time at the end of each class, so I played some music videos from The Lion King! “Circle of Life,” “Hakuna Matata,” and “Can’t Wait to be King!” I, like my 5 year old self, fell in love with The Lion King all over again! I also showed them some Pixar Short Films. Their favorite was “For the Birds.”

One morning before camp, my co-teacher’s daughter Hyun-jeong and I were talking about our favorite K-Pop artists. She didn’t know mine, Verbal Jint, so the next day I brought my iPod to let her listen. We also listened to some of Karima’s songs and Hyun-jeong LOVED her voice!!! If anyone else wants to listen and/or buy her songs, here’s the link:

Hannah had Karima and I over for dinner one night! She made some delicious chicken parmesan and chocolate ripple cake! Delicious!! Then we gossiped and looked through Aussie gossip magazines! Hannah also told us about Aussie football. She showed us some videos and tried to explain it… It was pretty cool, but I think I’ll stick with the Packers! We also got some cool little koala bear clips! It was a lovely girls’ night!!



Aussie Love!

Aussie Love!

My new mates!

My new mates!


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