More Visitors!!

After I landed in Jeju, I headed straight to school fresh off the plane! Because of the bus schedule, I ended up being 20 minutes late, so I missed my first class with the 6th graders. The third graders were awesome, as usual! We played one of their favorite games… Simon Says! Also, during my 3-1 class (my favorite little crazies!) we were doing a Listen & Repeat part of the lesson, and when I said “Don’t worry” one of the boys in the front yelled out “Be happy!” The little things that make my day…

Friday night I stayed in to relax and I got to Skype with 2 awesome people in my life, mi mama and Alyssa!!! 🙂

Saturday turned out to be a lazy day! I Skyped with my dad, Jessica, and Jamie in the morning!! Then I just organized pictures on my hard drive, watched some TV shows online, and walked down to Homeplus for some groceries… Lazy day activities! Later on, Karima came home after dropping Isaac off at the airport to head back to the States. We talked about our Chuseok… Chuseok is a HUGE deal in Korea! It’s their Thanksgiving, so we got a few days off of school, which allowed me the chance to head to the Philippines. And that I am so thankful for! Then she gave me a little surprise… A much early birthday present… Cheetoes!!! Oh my goodness! The cheese flavor… Mmmmm!!! Heavenly goodness! I was beaming with joy!! The little things that make my day…!!! 🙂

Crunchy, Cheesy, Heavenly Goodness!!

Olle 5

Sunday morning, I headed out to start Olle 5. Early on, I passed by a group of Koreans all decked out in their hiking gear. Later on, I swear I saw the same group up ahead of me… Cheaters! Don’t know how they skipped ahead of me, but it wasn’t on the trail. Haha I eventually passed them again and a few of them passed me. It seemed that we were in competition, because they seemed to making a real effort to stay in front of me. I was talking to an older Korean woman later on who was hiking the Olle and she spoke English very well!

All decked out in their hiking gear!

The Olle was pretty and went along the coast for a while.  The Olle was 14.7 km plus the 1.5 km walk to the bus stop afterwards, for  a total of 16.2 km in 3 hours and 40 minutes!! Woo! As I was walking back towards the bus stop, I was back on the Olle course for a little bit and the group of Koreans were heading the opposite way (towards the end where I just came from) and the asked if I finished already and were shocked when I said yes. Some of them said “Woah, balli balli!!” (Wow! Really fast!) Besides my feet, I felt AMAZING afterwards! Mind, body, and soul were all feeling fabulous!

A lovely little factory.

Painting on a telephone pole.

Finished & Feeling Fabulous!

After I got home, I was chatting with Karima for a little bit and noticed that I started peeling from my sunburn in the Philippines. It was so bad! I peeled one piece of my lower back that was as big as a toilet paper square! (Not exaggerating. I know some of you are probably grossed out, but I think it’s kind of awesome. I have a weird habit of always wanting to pick at things, so needless to say this was going to keep me busy for a while!)

When my grandma was at her high school reunion this past summer, she was talking to an old school mate, Carole. As all grandparents do, my grandma was bragging about me teaching in Korea. Carole and her husband, Jim, just so happened to be going to South Korea to visit their friends, Don and Nancy, who live on a US Military base on the mainland of South Korea. The four of them were planning a little trip to Jeju for a few days. So I got in touch with them and we planned to meet up for dinner while they were in Jeju. They were all wonderful!! I first showed them Chunjiyeon Waterfall down by the Seogwipo Harbor. And then we headed up to City Hall in Jejusi. I took them to my favorite bulgogi restaurant! I wasn’t surprised that they all loved it! It was so great to meet them all. Great people! Great talk! Great food!

With Carole and Jim at Chunjiyeon Waterfall!

After I got home, Karima and I chatted, ate Cheetoes, made a Gangnam Style PowerPoint game for my 6th grade classes on Monday, and watched New Girl.

It was the most perfect Sunday! 


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