Good-Bye Ma’am!

Had some more really intense rain my last night sleeping in the Philippines, which didn’t let me sleep very well. They had breakfast bright and early as usual… Bread & butter, bacon, and an egg. I was so happy they gave me bacon for my last day here! I told them I wanted to go to the airport at 1o am, but true to form I was told the car was there 30 minutes early. The same man that picked me up from the airport drove me back. Him and his wife own the pension, but he also works in the air traffic control booth at the airport. He made a comment on our drive saying that I didn’t go out much at night while I was here. He wished he had asked some of his bachelor friends to hang out with me… Thank God he didn’t!! This trip was exactly what I wanted it to be. Time to myself to relax and do whatever. Peacefulness. Nothing went wrong. No scams. I never felt threatened. It was perfect.

The people at Annabelle’s Pension were wonderful. They were always so kind and attentive. They referred to me as “ma’am” every time they talked to me. I felt like a queen. It also probably had a little something to do with the fact that I was the ONLY guest staying there.

I had a lot of time to kill at the Puerto Princessa Airport, so I spoiled myself with some food. I also learned a few things… On the TV, they had lots of “Did you know…?” facts pop up. Like “Did you know a blue whale’s tongue weighs more than an adult elephant?” or “Did you know the umbrella was first designed to protect from the sun in Egypt and had nothing to do with rain?” or “Did you know the giant squid as the biggest eyes in the world?” Did you know all that? Well, now you do.

The flight from Puerto Princessa to Manila went smoothly. Then at the Manila airport, I spoiled myself some more with Skittles and some vanilla gelato. It was seriously the best gelato ever! The vanilla flavor was so rich, it was like heaven!! On the plane from Manila to Seoul, I saw Yumi and her husband (who I had met while island hopping the other day), so I chatted with Yumi quite a bit. She’s a music teacher in Seoul, she used to live in Manila for a year or two, and her and her husband do a lot of traveling. Wonderful woman! While on the plane, there was this Korean man with a giant camera and a super long lens taking millions of pictures of the Filipino stewardesses… Creeper! He’s like their own paparazzi. I thought it was rather creepy myself, and Yumi very much agreed with me. Haha weirdo.

Just landed in Seoul!

I landed at Incheon Airport in Seoul around 9:30 pm and had to wait in line for immigration for a while. Then I headed to the train to take me to Gimpo Airport for my morning flight back to Jeju. I was planning on just camping out in the airport for the night because I had such an early flight to Jeju… Easier said than done. I arrived at Gimpo Airport around 10:30 pm and grabbed a late dinner. Then as I was heading over to some chairs a security guard walked up to me, “What are you doing?” I explained that I’m going to sit in the chairs for the night because my flight is in the morning. “No. Closed. Outside. Motel. Hotel.” Well I’m not going to pay for a hotel for maybe 6 hours of sleep. So I decided to head over to the international terminal at Gimpo Airport… It’s about a 2 km walk. When I got there, there were hardly any people there. I picked a spot on some chairs and was sitting there for about an hour and no one was bothering me, so I figured it was okay that I stay there for the night. Then 2 security guards walked up and told me I had to move outside the roped off area (after much confusion by their broken English and hand gestures). So I found a place on the cold, concrete floor. As I was getting “comfortable,” the night time cleaning crews came through talking and laughing. It was pretty quiet by 2:30 am. Then at 4:30 am a security guard came and woke me up. “Kenchanayo?” (Are you ok?) And then he told me I could move to the chairs… Where I had just been 4 1/2 hours earlier, but got told to move.  I know he was trying to be nice, but I wish he would have just left me alone for the next 45 minutes before I had to get up to walk back to the domestic terminal.

So much for a good night’s sleep… FYI for those of you that ever plan on sleeping in Gimpo Airport, you’re better off getting a hotel. I learned the hard way.

Brooke Teacher heading back to Jeju on a Friday morning ready to teach right after the plane touches down!

Back to Jeju!


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