Puerto Princessa City!!

Last night, I told the woman at the pension that I wanted to order a tricycle taxi to take me into town for the day tomorrow. I said I wanted the tricycle to come at 10 am. Do you think they’d let me sleep in then? Nope. A little before 7 am, there was a knock on the door, “Ma’am? Your breakfast is ready.” Rice, an egg, and some mystery meat… It was dark red and stringy. I’ve never seen anything like it, but it was tasty. And at 9 am, the tricycle arrived to bring me to town, nevermind that I didn’t want to go til 10.

The taxi/tricycle ride was a little rough…

I got dropped off at the Bay Walk. My plan for the day is to hang out, walk around, read, shop, people watch, and just whatever… Basically, no plan. Time moves so slow here. Laid back island time. No phone. No email. No Facebook. I love it! This is exactly what I needed/wanted! I met two boys riding their bikes on the Bay Walk. They didn’t know much English, but they were able to ask me a few questions and tell me their names were Rain and Kim.

Relaxing on the Bay Walk..

I hung out at Jollibee (a fast food restaurant) slurping on a blue raspberry Sprite float as I sat in the nice air conditioning writing letters and people watched. Mostly just to get out of the sun… I didn’t need anymore sun on my body.

I walked around for a while after and eventually heard a woman on a loud speaker. I soon noticed that the sound was coming from a little pavilion packed with people. There were a bunch of little munchkins running around with these red and yellow hula hoop things. They did a little choreographed dance to the Black Eyed Peas’ remake of “Time of My Life.” Of course, a bunch of 3-4 year olds performing a choreographed dance is basically just copying whatever their teacher does. Haha cute. Towards the end of the song, the kids were ambushed by their parents with big giant cameras in their face… Ever hear of this little feature on your camera called zoom?? This was a little celebration for Universal Children’s Month.

Palawan Museum

Afterward, I walked through the little Palawan Museum. Another excuse just to get out of the sun, though I did learn a lot about the island. One thing was that the Spanish had come here some years ago, which makes sense why I was seeing a lot  of Spanish words on signs everywhere. Also, Palawan is the home of 4 different native tribes: the Tau’t Bato, the Palaw’an, the Batan, and the Tagbanua. Palawan was also influenced by the Chinese with white and blue China and by Thailand and Vietnam with pottery.

Just to show how big the giant clams I saw yesterday snorkeling actually are!

The Palawan Museum… My escape from the sun for an hour!

A new friend! (It appears I’m a little desperate for some company.) 😉

After walking around some more (I saw my little friends Rain and Kim again), getting lunch, and a little souvenir shopping, I went back and relaxed in the pavilion. I sat in there for almost 2 hours reading, writing, and watching the little crazies running around! A bunch of them had the funnest time kicking a little plastic juice jug around for the majority of the time I was sitting there. They also threw it at each other and would laugh hysterically when it would hit their friend. There were also a few balloons they were hitting, jumping on the water gates on the ground, playing with two little matchbox dump trucks. I got to thinking… It is INSANE how much money parents back in the US (I’m not sure about other countries..) spend on Christmas presents when these little kids had the “time of their life” with basically nothing. I remember when I was younger and living at home, Dillon and I would have a great time playing PIG or HORSE in the kitchen with a dirty rolled up sock and a laundry basket. Or we would run around in one of the old farm buildings and shoot raccoons with a BB gun (and got so confused why they still lived after we shot them 4 or 5 times) or pretend we were on an “adventure.” Most of the hundreds of dollars our parents spent on toys ended up in the bottom of the toy box and barely saw the light of day. (Sorry about that!)

I headed back to the Bay Walk and sat down to write some postcards. While I was sitting there, the two cutest little boys (one in just a tank top and underwear) came up and tried to sell me some nuts. Who could say ‘no’ to these faces? (Good marketing.) Had I liked nuts, I would’ve said yes, but I said no and sent them on their way. Then they came back later. I didn’t want any nuts, but I gave them each 5 pesos and asked if I could take their picture. They told the girl that was with them and showed her the money I gave them. Then they all got together and smiled for the camera… This is my FAVORITE picture from the Philippines! 🙂



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