Fun in the Sun!

I got woken up at 6:30 am this morning to, “Ma’am? Your breakfast is ready.” They sure like to start early around here! Bread & butter, an egg, and BACON!!!

I was picked up at 7:30 am to go island hopping in the Honda Bay for the day! I was the last one to get picked up and then we headed to a place to rent some things. I got some water shoes, snorkel and goggles, and an underwater camera case.

Testing the underwater camera case…

Honda Bay Island Hopping

Starfish Island

Our first stop was Starfish Island! It was gorgeous! And I went snorkeling for the first time in my life… Very cool! I loved it! And I’m so glad I rented that underwater camera case, because I got to take some pretty awesome pictures. After snorkeling, I walked along the beach for awhile picking up some sand dollars that were scattered everywhere on the beach and some funky pieces of coral.

Haha snorkeling for the first time!!

Hello Fishy!!

For lunch, they laid out some crab, shrimp, grilled fish (which was surprisingly delicious!), some sauces, rice, a cooked veggie mix, and bananas. There was a Korean couple with us and they brought some gim (seaweed paper) to go with our rice. Yum! I love gim!

A lovely spread for lunch!

After lunch, I walked around some more on the tiny island and found a hammock in a little place that no one else was walking… So beautiful and peaceful here, it’s ridiculous!

Rough Life!!

Not too bad of a view…

Our boat, Jolleen!

Jumping for Joy!!

There’s a pearl in every oyster, right?

Kickin my feet up in the hammock!

Pambato Reef

Under the Giant Turtle!

Our next stop was the Pambato Reef under the big turtle for some amazing snorkeling! Incredible! So many fish!!! (As a person that is normally not a fan of fish, -probably because my dad always told me they’d bite my toes off if I swam near them- I was loving this!) We also saw lots of coral and GIANT clams. There was one part that was roped off, and I think they said it’s because there is a vegetarian shark in there that they don’t want to be bothered.


“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.”

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!

In the center, if you look closely, you can see the giant clams!


Snake Island

Our last stop was Snake Island. (I think that was the name anyways.) It’s a very long, narrow island with some raised huts on it. They also had a diving board that provided a lot of entertainment. We found some GIANT starfish!! They were insanely huge!! The first time I saw one of these starfish was on Starfish Island. A little kid was running around with it and I thought it was his toy instead of an actual live starfish. Haha. We bummed around talking for a while relaxing in the shallow part of the water near the diving board.

You can kind of see why they call it Snake Island…

The diving board!!

I told you they were GIANT!!!

This gives you a more accurate idea of how big they were!

Hanging out…

I met some pretty awesome people on my tour today! Paulo and his wife and son from L.A., Yumi and her husband from Seoul, and some others who I didn’t get their names.

A fun group of island hoppers!

While I was having fun in the sun, I didn’t realize exactly how much sun I was getting… Apparently, the sunscreen I used wasn’t strong enough or I didn’t put it on as often as I should, because I was BURNT!!! I actually think I was as red as the crabs they served for lunch. (Not exaggerating at all.) It was so painful to just sit down on my bed, so needless to say it was rather difficult finding a comfortable position to fall asleep. My whole backside, except where my swim suit covered, was RED!!

Besides the horrible sun burn I acquired, I had such a magnificent day!!!! Thank you Palawan for being so beautiful!


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