We had yet another typhoon early Monday morning! Typhoon Sanba. It was pretty intense when I was getting ready for school, so I messaged Hosun at 7:00 am  to see if school would be delayed. She replied with, “No, school will still start at 9:00 am so you should be there at that time.” Ugh! I was just about to head out the door to catch my bus that comes at 7:26 am. I got a text message from Hosun at 7:23 am saying that school is delayed until 1:00 pm!! So happy I didn’t have to go out in that crap! So since I had some free time, I decided to surprise my friend Codi with a call from Korea! It was nice to hear here voice!! 🙂 And the 4-hour workday was surprisingly very productive! Finished lesson plans for the week and uploaded and ordered a bunch of pictures on Snapfish! (When I get home, there are going to be so many packages of pictures waiting for me… Probably enough pictures to wrap around the world… 5 times!)

Karima and I FINALLY started painting our house! The concrete walls were looking rather fancy with some wall paper still stuck to them, but we thought it’d be a good idea to paint over it. Our motivation for finally getting around to this task was that my grandma was coming to visit the next week and her friend was coming the week after that. It took us 3 nights after school to finish… Almost! We ran out of paint in Karima’s room, so one part of her wall is still the lovely wall papered concrete. Then I also realized that we missed the part of the wall above the bathroom door… Oh well. But it was relatively finished! Here is the “Before” video of our living room…

And a tour of our home!

My co-teacher, Sunghee, told me she’s pregnant! Which makes total sense why she’s been taking so many naps at her desk. 🙂

This week I told my co-teachers that my grandma is visiting next week and that I’d like to bring her to school one day. We had to get permission from the principal first, which he said yes, and the very next day my co-teachers come to me with a schedule of events for the day my grandma will be visiting! Haha I was not expecting that. I was just thinking that my grandma could come sit in on my classes and simply see a day in the life of Brooke Teacher. They also told me that they each class is preparing gifts to give Grandma. Seems like a pretty big deal!

We had an open class for my 1st and 2nd grade after school class. Some parents came and other teachers came to watch. Basically, they were seeing how well my after school co-teacher teaches. I think it went pretty well. I really loved looking at the pictures afterwards! Little Dong-hyo must have had something bothering him…

Dong-hyo is the little boy in the white shirt right by me. Notice where his finger is…

Wiping away the mess..

And again…

Doh. Didn’t get it all…

Diggin’ a little deeper now…

This one is for little Hee-eun with the glasses… I just love how she’s looking back at the parents and teachers. She kinda has that “What are you looking at?” expression.

I started a new class this week! I’ll be taking a hip hop dance class from now on taught by my friend Harris! We learned some choreography to the song “Dive” by Usher. Dancing = Fun + Exercise!!

Friday I played a game with the 3rd graders that turned out to be a lot more fun than what I’d thought. The class is split into two teams. Twelve kids from each team are given a necklace with a letter on it. They wear the necklace backwards so the letter can be seen by people behind them. Then the kids on each team that don’t have a letter are called the Spellers. At the start of each round, I bring the Spellers to the back of the room and whisper a word to them. They then have to run and find the kids on their team that are wearing the letters that spell the word and put them in order in front of the room. Whichever team finishes first wins that round. They LOVED it!! I had no idea it was going to be such a hit! SUCCESS!! 

Saturday, I got up bright and early and was heading off to do 2 Olles! I’ve only ever done one in a day, but I’m pretty awesome and I knew I could do it. (Not cocky, just confident!)

Olle 7-1

1st Olle of the Day!

Olle 7-1 starts at the World Cup Stadium and ends at Oedolgae (Way-dul-gay). The first half was pretty much all up hill, and then I also came to an oreum to climb up! It was a lot more fun running down it! It’s usually not very easy to run down the oreums (parasite volcanoes) because they build steps on the trails that they think will “help” you. These steps are hardly ever consistent in size.. Some are higher than others, some are longer than others, they’re just not safe to run up or down really. I don’t think so anyways. But this oreum didn’t have steps going down! It was great! I had a couple of dogs follow me for a while. One was acting like my body guard when we’d pass homes with other dogs, and the other one wasn’t too sure about me, he just wanted to stay with his buddy. I passed a man unloading his truck and said “An-nyoung-ha-say-oh” and he then hands me a few tangerines! This is one of my favorite things about Korea… 98% of the time it’s totally safe to accept food and candy from strangers! They were delicious! There were so many lovely smells on this trail… Lots of pine and orange! I also walked through a rice paddy in a volcanic crater! My shoes and socks got a little wet  though. I finished the 15.1 km trail in 3 hours and 17 minutes! Then I started my 2nd Olle for the day…

World Cup Stadium!

The lovely “waterfall.” I’ve heard it’s actually supposed to be a beautiful waterfall after a heavy rain… Well anything would be better than this!

My new pals!

Yay! I made it to the top of the oreum!

Oreum, you suck!

Rice paddy in a volcanic crater!

Olle 6

Olle 6 ends in Oedolgae and starts in Soesokkak, so I took the trail backwards. I found this to be a little more difficult. When you are following a trail the “correct” way, you follow the blue arrows. When you follow it backwards, you follow the orange arrows, but sometimes they don’t always have orange arrows. Plus, a lot of it went through town, which I’ve always found to be just a little more difficult following the arrows, blue or orange. To start off, I had to climb a BIG hill. Glad to get that out of the way. I saw a little waterfall and stopped by the Olle Foundation to pick up an Olle bandana! Woo! There were also some unexpected waterfalls flooding the road while I was walking along the shore road, just in time to get my feet wet again after they were finally getting pretty dry after the rice paddy. It also started raining, well more like a heavy sprinkle, a little bit towards the end. This 14.4 km trail and the 1.5 km walk to the bus stop took me 4 hours and 15 minutes!

H for Hallasan!!

As you can see there is much variety as far as the colors of cars goes here!

A lovely little temple… Forgot the name.

Sojeongbang Pokpo!! (Pokpo means Waterfall)

Waterfalls on the road!

A hug from dolharubang (stone grandfather) for a job well done!!

31 km in 7 hours and 32 minutes… My body was a little sore, but I felt AMAZING!!! 

GMA to CJU!!

Grandma landed in Jeju Sunday!! Her plane landed a few minutes late and then it took her a while to get out. At one point I saw her back a ways when the doors opened. They closed and the next time they opened, she was gone! What the heck? I thought maybe she was being quarantined or something…? Then she finally came out! She was looking a little rough, but I suppose traveling for 2-3 weeks will do that to you, especially if you caught a cold on the Transiberian Railroad and have to sit in a little compartment with 3 other people! Poor Gram. So happy to have her here though!

She has ARRIVED!!!!!!!

I thought it’d be a good idea to have some juk for supper. Juk is a rice porridge soup and there are a bunch of different flavors. Koreans eat it a lot when they are sick (basically like our chicken noodle soup) and it is soooo delicious!



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