Hello from Korea!

After a stressful week of teaching 6th grade last week, I wasn’t looking forward to this week. The most stressful part last week was disciplining and then have my co-teacher undermine me and tell the kids it’s okay. So I made the decision this week to back off of discipline. Since I’ve been teaching with Sunghee, we really don’t co-teach. She teaches one part of the lesson and I teach the other part. I decided to only discipline when I’m teaching and kind of mentally withdraw from the class when she’s teaching. I feel a little guilty, but I feel if I don’t I will go crazy with stress! Plus, she needs to learn on her own. So it’s also kind of a good thing. I hope she learns fast though, because I can see the kids’ behavior is slowly getting worse! Not good! Especially considering this is only the 2nd week of the semester! She’s also having trouble with sticking to the time schedule… She left me with 5 minutes at the end of class when she told me I’d have at least 15. I was going to be doing a little project with them, but it still takes me at least 5 minutes to explain because I can’t just jump right in and explain it super fast in Korean. Ugh… Breathe.

I made one of my 6th grade girls cry this week… Some girls were talking the ENTIRE time while Sunghee was teaching and I decided I didn’t want to deal with that, so I made them change seats with other students. They were not happy at all and I’m pretty sure I saw little Jiyun shed a few tears. It’s rough being a 6th grader!

On Wednesday, all my classes were cancelled except my 1st and 2nd grade after school class. I was not only a teacher, but also Jihyun’s personal jungle gym! He loves it! His favorite is to have me spin him around, but he also enjoys climbing on my back and sitting on my foot and holding on to my legs as I walk… We don’t get too far with that one though.

Wednesday, Hosun told me that we would be going out for an English teachers dinner on Thursday night and we were going out for pizza… YES!!!!! Then come Thursday afternoon, Jinyoung sends me a message on the school messenger that we’re going out for fish soup. UGH! So I asked why we changed… And also kinda hinted that I was really disappointed that we’re not going for pizza. I’ve been pretty good about trying all the other foods we’ve had for teacher dinners, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask to stick to the menu when they told me it was going to be pizza. 🙂 There was lots of discussion in Korean and then I heard, “Ok, Brooke? We will go eat at Stone Grandfather Pizza.” YAY! Delicious! For the 7 of us, we ordered two 1-meter long pizzas and each  pizza had 4 sections: potato & ham, bulgogi (my favorite part), kimchi, and sweet potato. They were all very tasty, and I was surprised that I actually liked the kimchi pizza too! At the end of dinner we went around and said how many pieces we each had and I was dubbed “The Champion!”

Sunghee, me, Jinyoung, and Kyeongnam with out meter-long pizza!

Our pizza!!!!!!

Seunghee, Hosun, and Landon with their pizza!

Friday the schedules were still messed up because the kids needed to practice for sports day. They’ve been practicing the dance for Gangnam Style that they will perform this weekend. If you don’t know what Gangnam Style is, then you’ve been living in a cave!

I went out for dinner with Karima and some other waygooks (foreigners, like myself) Friday night after school. What’s on the menu, you ask? Duck and pumpkin! And it was scrumptious!

Oh yeah!

Saturday, we went to Jungmun Beach to hang out with some people and then went to Gecko’s for some burgers and fish & chips. It was pretty tasty! We also played some pool and made origami with our place mats (don’t judge us). We also saw some posters for some shots with quite the interesting names…

Take your pick!

Karima and I finally watched the last episode of Mad Men!!! It was good! Now I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all this free time I’ll have now.

Sunday was a lovely day spent calling people from Skype! A little shout out to everyone I got to chat with!! It was so wonderful talking to each and every one of you: Dad, Jessica, Jamie, their friend John, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Allan, Grandma Joyce (again!), Mikala, Jill, Mindy, Mi Mama!, Sharon, and Dillon!! Dillon proved to be the most difficult one to get ahold of. 🙂 Miss you all so much!!! See you in about 5 months or so!


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