Well it was my first week teaching with Sunghee… I want Eun-mi back!! I tried teaching Sunghee some of the chants Eun-mi and I did to get the class to be quiet and settle down. For the chants, the teacher yells something and the students respond. For some examples: “Class, class?” “Yes, yes?”; “Listen!” “Carefully”; “Clap your hands 1 time” clapping, “Clap your hands 2 times” clapping, etc; “Sit up!” “Straight.” The first time she did it, she was so quiet with absolutely no energy put into it and all the kids just stared at her with the most confused looks on their faces. Haha she tried. And discipline was an issue this week! When some kids would misbehave, she didn’t do anything. When kids would be talking while she was teaching, she would just talk over them instead of trying to get them to calm down. I had to discipline a student one time and the student kept saying things back to me in Korean (which I obviously don’t understand) and Sunghee just stood there. Then the student asked her something and she said “It’s okay” (in Korean) and the student left. What?! Thanks for the support! Every time I would make suggestions or give advice to make class run smoother, she would say “Ok” but didn’t change anything. This was a really tough week of teaching 6th grade. I felt like I had no support from my co-teacher. I felt completely undermined. I kept having to remind myself that she has never taught before and this is her first week… Hopefully it’ll get better! Just breathe.

The school is celebrating Sports Day on September 16th, so until then there is lots of practice going on, which results in lots of changes to the schedule! A little frustrating, especially when I wasn’t told or was told the wrong thing. This all just added to the stress of teaching with my new co-teacher.

Haha poor bunny!

The Mad Men marathons with Karima continue! I love them, but I am very excited to finish all the seasons because it is VERY time consuming!

On Friday, I wore all my hair back in a ponytail. Apparently, this is the first time I wore my hair like that to school, because I got so many compliments on it. My 3rd graders loved it, and all the girls who were wearing their hair in ponytails that day had to come up and show me the back of their head so I could see that we have the same hair style. Haha too cute! I was also wearing a dress that day and one of my co-teachers says to me:
“Brooke, do you have plans after school?”
“No, why?”
“Oh, because you look so fancy with a dress and a ponytail.”
“Oh thank you, ponytails are a really casual hairstyle back in the US.”
“Oh really? Well it looks really beautiful.”
The only reason I even wore a ponytail that morning was because I didn’t have time to take a shower. I had no idea it was going to cause such a reaction from students and co-teachers. Haha.

I got an email from Skype saying that I can call landlines and cell phones back in the States free for one month… Let the calling begin. I called my old supervising teacher, Vietta, from when I was an intern teacher at Bartels Middle School in Portage. I always really enjoy talking with her! I also made a call to Ken’s Riverside. My cousin Amy was waitressing and answered the phone:
“Hello, Ken’s.”
“Hi, I was wondering if you would deliver a burger to South Korea?”
“Shut up!”
Haha it was great. I got to chat with her for a little bit, then she put my Grandma Joyce on the phone. I heard her say in the back ground:
“Hey Gram, someone on the phone has some questions about a big order.”
“Is it Colorado Springs?”
“I don’t know.”
“Hi, I was wondering if you could deliver a dozen burgers to Korea?”
“Oooooooh my!”
Ahhh it was so much fun hearing these reactions!! Then I got to say hi to my grandpa.. A man of few words. Gotta love him! It was soo incredibly nice talking to people back home and I knew it would make me happy talking to them, but I didn’t realize how MUCH I missed them til I heard their voices. I love Korea, but I will be happy to go home and see my family and friends again! 🙂

I had a bunch of plans to hike some Olles this weekend, but Mother Nature didn’t think that was a good idea. It rained during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Ugh! Why can’t it rain during the week when I have to be inside all day anyways, or at night while I’m sleeping?? The rain cleared up Saturday night, so Karima and I went down to the harbor in Seogwipo, because we heard there was a big festival going on. Well, we were a little too late I suppose because the only thing that was still going on were some school bands playing. We listened for a little bit and then went to Rose Marine, a little bar on the water down in the harbor. It was a beautiful night and we chatted, had a couple drinks, and a little food. Nice night out with a good friend! 🙂

A little soju and orange juice!

The aftermath of a lovely night out with the roomie!


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