A Not-So-Lovely Welcome Back to Jeju!

I got back from my trip to Beijing/Mongolia the morning of August 23rd. We had an overnight flight from UlaanBaatar to Seoul and then an early morning flight from Seoul to Jeju. I didn’t get any sleep. Thankfully I was able to sleep a little bit on the bus down to Seogwipo. When we got down to Seogwipo, it was downpouring! So the rain coat I had was pretty much useless. We dropped our stuff off at the new apartment and I was able to stay there for 10 minutes before I had to head back to my old apartment for final inspection/check-out with the EPIK Housing Department.

Upon arrival, Mr. Han already seemed on edge. He starts testing everything and then comes to the stove and it wouldn’t turn on. He asked my why it didn’t work, I told him I didn’t know and that it worked before I left. That wasn’t good enough. He accused me a breaking it and kept harassing me for an explanation. Voices were raised! I repeatedly said I didn’t know and started crying because I was so incredibly tired, frustrated, and stressed. He refused to talk to my co-teacher on the phone, saying he is “not my servant” (I was extremely confused by this comment… Since when does talking on the phone to someone who can HELP the situation make you my servant…???) and to let him do his job.

He also accused me of breaking the AC, which I never ever used while living there, and he thought I was lying. He then asked me to sign the paper. I refused until he would agree to talk to my co-teacher. He finally did, and of course, he was super respectful and nice to her on the phone. (A complete 180 compared to what I’d seen about 30 seconds ago.) She realized there was some miscommunication. When he kept yelling at me saying I need an explanation, he meant I had to write a statement. (I’d like to add that he never mentioned ANYTHING about writing it down when he was “talking” to me.) Basically just saying that it worked 3 weeks ago and doesn’t anymore and I don’t know why. Literally as I was signing my statement, Mr. Han tries the stove one more time and POOF it worked! He didn’t seem sorry or apologetic or anything after that. Just kept on talking to me in the same stern, angry voice he had been using with me the whole time. Wow. So happy I don’t have to deal with that anymore! What a lovely first day back on Jeju.

The next day, Friday, I had to go back to school for some good ol’ desk warming. Quite the productive day… checked emails (I had 136 emails in one of my inboxes!), checked Facebook, and watched some TV online. Like I said, productive. When I got home from school, there was a note from the post office saying I have a package!! Yippee!!

Saturday morning, I walked down to the post office to get my package and come to find out that it’s closed. Apparently, only a certain few (and by few, I literally mean 3 out of the 30-some post offices on this island) post offices are open Saturday mornings. Grr. So since I was down in that area, I decided to go to the market. I was quite stoked to find that apples are not 3,ooo won (~$2.50-$3) a piece anymore!!! Yay! I pretty much went the whole summer without apples because I think it’s rather ridiculous to spend that much money for ONE apple. I did break down one time and bought 2 apples for myself. Quite the disappointment for spending 6,000 won!

And Sunday… Well, Karima and I had a Mad Men marathon… The whole day.


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