Bi-yi-stan Mongolia!!

“Bi-yi-stan” means “Good bye.”

Our last day, in Mongolia! A total of 10 days in the lovely country!!

We started off the morning by going to a monastery with the Brits we met yesterday. It was beautiful and there were pigeons EVERYWHERE! At each entrance, little old ladies would be selling seeds for people to fee the pigeons with. The best part was watching little kids feed the birds, especially this one little boy in particular… He was feeding them seeds at first, then he found out they fly away when you run after them. He also thought it was fun to take a drink from his water bottle and then spit it at the birds as he’s running towards them to make them fly away. I think, had it not been for his parents, he could’ve stayed there all day!

Alfred Hitchcock would be proud!
For those of you that don’t know who Alfred Hitchcock is, he directed the movie “The Birds.” If you haven’t seen it already, please do so. Haha!

Come here little bird…

Having some fun…

Let me at ’em!

And here he begins… Pigeons, you’ve been warned.


“Let’s get out of here!”

Oh no.. Out of ammo!

More birds…

Inside one of the buildings, there were many monks reading scripts or prayers. They would be brought these long, huge stacks of prayers wrapped in cloth. They would sit there and read the prayers out loud. When they finished, they would wrap the prayers again and wait for someone to take it and bring them a new stack. Pretty interesting, but I for one would lose interest doing the same thing all day everyday… Assuming they do actually do that all day.

Spin these for loved ones that have passed away.

After lunch, we headed to the black market, Narantuul Market. It was INTENSE!! It makes the 5-day market on Jeju (which is quite large!) look like child’s play. This place was never-ending! You go out one place thinking it’s an exit and just end up in another part of the market. I’m couldn’t even tell you how many circles we went in because it was hard to tell if we had been there already or not. Instead of the black market, they should call it the black hole! Once you go in, there’s a slim chance you’ll be making it out. Thankfully we eventually found an exit and tried to find a taxi back to the hotel… No such luck. Sore bodies, sore feet, dusty roads, dusty sidewalks, and 5 kilometers back to the hotel doesn’t make for a very good time, but we made it! Eventually.

Ready for the Black Market!

When we got back, we ordered some paninis for dinner at the bar in the hotel before we had to head to the airport. We relaxed for a little bit and said bye to the Brits before we went down to call for a taxi. The taxi ride back to the airport didn’t take as long as I had anticipated with the crazy traffic jams they seem to have here. Our cab driver took some back ways and it only took a little less than an hour.

Some new mates!

Our “Mongolia, we love you!” Face…

..And our “WTF, Mongolia?” Face!

While we were waiting to check in, I made friends with a little Mongolian boy. We played peek-a-boo for a little while. Good times. 🙂

Bi-yi-stan Mongolia!!!

It was a lovely time, but time to go back to Jeju!


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