“Biel-gha” means “thank you,” but you must put a lot of phlemy throat sounds in it. Haha

Day 7 of Horse Trek

Last day on our horse trek! Though I had an unbelievably good time, I am happy to soon be done riding the horses in the cold weather we’ve had for the past 2 days. We started off the morning with some rice porridge with sugar. It was so cute watching little Argyle make up his bowl… About 60% rice porridge and about 40% sugar! Haha so cute. We just hung out for a little bit before lunch, playing some cards and what not. I DOMINATED in cards that morning!! Then one of the boys found a hedge hog out in the field, so we went to investigate. They wanted the little hedge hog to open up, so they poured water on him thinking that would work. The hedge hog stood it’s ground and stayed curled up like a little ball.

Mohah went home shortly after breakfast and then came back with more gifts! He brought Urna a new water bottle because she dropped hers while we were riding one day and we couldn’t find it. He gave Borka a nice watch. And he gave Karima and I a bag of hard, sweet homemade cheese bits. (It’s the middle of October when I’m writing this and we have yet to try them.) We hung out some more after lunch. More cards, the boys wrestled, and just relaxing.

We left at about 2:30pm to make the journey back to Steppe Riders. Urna, Karima, and I galloped ahead while Borka had to walk with his horse and the pack horse. Not too long into our run, I realized my painting that I had been carrying with me (so it wouldn’t get crushed again) was gone! We stopped and backtracked for a while, but to no prevail. Sad day. We looked everywhere! Then Borka with Bimba riding by his side came over the hill and helped us look. Nothing. Bimba said he would keep looking so we could move on, and if he found it, he would bring it to Steppe Riders for me. So nice of him! But he never showed up at Steppe Riders. 😦

It was soo cold and so windy. Us girls ran ahead so it wouldn’t take so long for us to get back. After a while, we walked passed a town we had passed on the way through. When we got to the other side of the town, one of the guys from Steppe Riders was driving by and picked up Karima and I and brought us back to the camp around 7:00 pm. We didn’t have to ride in the freezing cold anymore! He was driving a little blue Toyota and just whipping it around the field and then around the potholes when we were on the road. We kind of felt bad because Urna was stuck having to keep riding and bring our horses back, but we were so happy to be out of the cold, cold wind!

When we got back, the mood at camp seemed a little tense. Turns out Maemae (the little daughter of one of the Steppe Riders horsemen) and Migga (one of the guides) were both in the hospital because of horse accidents. Migga fell off first and hit his head pretty hard and had a concussion. Then after they sent him to the hospital, Maemae fell off and was dragged about 100 yards because her foot was caught in the stirrup. Two brothers from Illinois were telling us the story. They had said that they thought Maemae appeared to be dead after the accident. They were pretty shaken up and considering not going on their horse trek they had planned to start the next day. I cannot imagine what they must be feeling after seeing all that today. It was scary enough for me just ALMOST falling off the horse.

Urna arrived about 8:30 pm (1 1/2 hours after we had gotten back). Then Borka showed up with all of our bags around 10:00 pm. Poor Borka.

Karima and I had the ger to ourselves that night, so we took all the blankets from the other beds to keep warm. About 40 pounds of blankets on top of each of us and we were snuggly warm at last.

It was an amazing experience going on this horse trekking adventure and I am so glad I did this. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! … Well maybe an endless supply of travel funds. 🙂


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