“Torson-odring-mint-orgee!!” means “Happy Birthday!!” This post is dedicated to my wonderful dad of 23 years (almost 24)!!! He was 33 when I was born… You do the math. 🙂

Day 6 of Horse Trek

*I apologize for the lack of pictures for the last two days of our horse trek.

It rained pretty hard this morning… No fun! We were stuck in our tents for a long time. Then of course came the the bathroom trip that I could just not put off any longer. Ugh! Doing your business in an outhouse with no roof while it’s raining cats and dogs is not something a person looks forward to so early in the morning. Breakfast was skipped and we helped Urna prepare some buuz. Buuz is a type of Mongolian steamed dumpling usually made with goat or sheep meat and some chopped up vegetables. They were pretty tasty!

Shortly after lunch some of our old friends from the other day showed up. Bimba! Along with his younger brother, Bambush, and his cousin, Ambra. The boys all came riding up on their motor bikes. It was still drizzling a bit and it was chilly, so they were going to give us girls a ride. Unfortunately, Borka had to stay behind and him and Bambush packed up our tents and packed the horse. I felt really bad for those two, but I was very grateful that I didn’t have to ride the horse in this crappy weather.

I rode with Bimba and Karima and Urna rode with Ambra on the motor bikes. Bimba and I arrived at his home first and it only took 45 minutes! When I got there, he showed me into a ger where I could stay warm and his little brother was sitting in there. Oh, he was the cutest little thing and very shy! Of what little Mongolian I knew, I tried to make conversation with him… “Mee-nee-neel Brooke.” He told me his name and I had the hardest time pronouncing it. That made him laugh a little. Urna later told me his name is Argyle, but with a lot of phlemy sounds from the throat.. Haha sorry! I’m not sure what the correct term is.

It was Ambra’s birthday, so Urna was going to make a nice dinner and Karima was going to make a little treat using wild rubarb. I helped her pick some rubarb, but didn’t last long because my shoes got wet and it was really cold outside and before long, I couldn’t feel my feet. When Ambra came in, we served him food and sang “Happy Birthday” in Mongolian. It turned out to be a great night!

Wild Rubarb!

I wish I had taken some pictures! There was Urna, Borka, Karima, and myself along with Bimba (the oldest brother and the one who seemed to be in charge, probably about 19-20 years old), Bambush (Bimba’s younger brother, probably about 15 years old), Argyle (Bimba’s little brother, about 10 years old), Ambra (Bimba’s cousin, just turned 18), and Mohah (Bimba’s friend who we met the other day, probably about 20- he doesn’t live there, but drives over on his little motor bike all the time). We were in good company! Mohah brought gifts for us! He gave us each a canteen and he said they were from WWI and that his grandparents made them! Though, Karima found a stamp on hers that was marked with a 1970’s date…? The guys sang some traditional Mongolian songs for us! (Which was so incredible and surreal!) Then we played a new card game they taught us, had some shots of vodka, and just hung out. Such a fun night! Then Mohah said a poem for us and Urna translated. It was a sad poem about a relationship. Then we got to sleep in the cozy warmth of the ger! Karima and I were given the two beds, then Urna and the boys all huddled together on the ground on a mattress of blankets.

Beautiful Sunset!!


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