“Goy” is good or nice when someone is asking how you are.

Day 2 of Horse Trek

Rough sleeping last night.. Either too hot or too cold. Got twisted in my sleeping bag. My arms kept falling asleep because I was using them as a pillow. (My pillow deflated.)

We had breads & spreads for breakfast, and then we headed up the hill to the Mansushir Monastery. It was really pretty, and the view from the top of the hill looking down at the landscape below… Gorgeous. We first went to the little museum that had lots of art and stuffed animals. (Not the kind that are soft and fluffy that you can cuddle with.) It was pretty cool.

Neat Feather Art

I couldn’t think of a better place to hang this picture than a cabin up north!

Dinner Anyone?

The colors inside the monastery were very vibrant! It definitely does not match the outside. We saw some big masks, the bone of an 18 year old girl (?), some gold statues, and some cool paintings on the wall.

Some pretty awesome masks…?

Notice the bone in the center… It used to belong to an 18 year old girl. Don’t remember what the purpose behind it was.

Urna (our guide) and Yvonne inside the monastery.

The view from the top of the hill by the monastery!

We headed out for that day’s ride at about 1:30pm and got to the place where we’ll be camping tonight at about 6:00pm. Urna thought we did about 40 km today. We were camping in the middle of nowhere! The riding has been making our bodies pretty sore! Hopefully we get used to this soon. On the ride today, we went over a giant steppe, then another giant stepped, then another giant stepped… I think we went over about 5 or 6 giant steppes today and all we saw were cows, horses, and hills. Not too bad! We’ve also been seeing lots of flowers everywhere. There is this purple, spiky ball flower that I think is pretty awesome! But I never got a chance to take a picture of it. Another thing that was kinda funny, the horses had a loooot of gas today. Sounded like someone was following us with a whoopy cushion the whole day!

Relaxin’ after a long day of riding!

While we were eating dinner that night, we saw a guy aross the huge field rounding up some sheep with a dirtbike! Haha what a life.

Borka would tie up the horses like this sometimes so they wouldn’t run off but still be able get around and eat where they wanted close to camp.

Our campsite on Day 2!

Mongolia is soooo beautiful and big!!!


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