“Choo!” is what you want to say when you want your horse to go! And depending on how intense you say “Choo!” your horse will go faster… Unless they don’t feel like listening to you, which was the case most of the time.

We got a treat for breakfast this morning… Fried bread and the spreads. By “spreads” I mean some kind of cheese spread, some variation of Nutella (it was a white and brown swirl… hazelnut and cream?), and grape jelly to put on the bread.

This was breakfast every morning… Except the fried bread was replaced with some kind of store-bought bread/pastry.

This morning they rounded up a bunch of horses to be saddled for the day. Each night the horses are freed of their saddles and can roam free. You would think they would run away, but horses tend to be quite loyal. [I heard this story from someone that a Mongolian horseman once road his horse to the Pacific Ocean and left the horse there to see if it would come back. Don’t know how long it took, but the horse did end up making it back to the man in Mongolia!] There is always one horse (no horse in particular) that is kept saddled and tied up at night, so they can use that horse in the morning to round up the other horses the next day. We kind of helped by keeping the horses corralled so the horsemen could rope them and put a bridle on the horse. Once they had enough horses that they would need for the day bridled, they let the rest go. Then the saddles were put on and they were ready to ride!

Corralling the horses..

We went for another little ride after breakfast. The horse I had this morning was, shall I say, a bit stubborn. He wouldn’t go when I said “Choo!” He wouldn’t turn when I pulled on his reins or he would go the opposite way I wanted him to. And he would never gallop. He insisted on just cantering the entire time. Made for a sore bum! Basically, he did what he wanted when he wanted. A little frustrating after I had such a cooperative horse yesterday!

Day 1 of Horse Trek

After lunch, we prepared to leave on our 7-day horse trekking adventure!! We left around 3:30pm and arrived at Bogd Khan National Park at 7:15pm and set up camp for the night. Urna guesstimated that we traveled about 20 kilometers today.

En route, we passed a little town called Domat. It reminded me of when I learned about Hooverville in high school. It looked like a bunch of little shacks set up all over. And the clouds were so beautiful that day! It was a lovely first day of our horse trek…

Beautiful sky overlooking Domat (aka Hooverville)!!

Water Break! 🙂

Welcome to Manzushir (the monastery in the park where we camped)

Then after dinner, we made a little fire and sat out chatting and looking at the stars. It would’ve been the perfect time to have some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate!

I’d like to give credit to Karima Walker for taking some of these lovely pictures that I’ll be posting from Mongolia! Thanks lady!!


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