Moving & Cleaning!!

Well, as of Monday this week, we could move into our new apartment in Seogwipo!! We weren’t officially moving in until the weekend, but I decided to bring a few things down there after school on Monday. Tyler, who works at the middle school in Daejeong (where my elementary school is) and lives in Seogwipo, showed me how to take the bus from Daejeong to Seogwipo. It took a while waiting for the bus. Then he explained the bus goes through town every 20 minutes, but every other bus takes a slightly different route. So the one that goes by my school comes just a few minutes before 5pm. I don’t get out of school until 5pm, so I’m going to have to work something out with my school to go early… They are sticklers when it comes to working 9-5. And it seems to not make much difference that I am at school at about 8:30 every morning… Ugh!! We’ll see how this works out.

On my way home from Seogwipo, I stopped at Karima’s to pick up some of my things. I was running late. I needed to be at the bus terminal by 9:25, which is when the last bus leaves that passes by my house. I don’t like taking taxis because I don’t see the point in spending all that extra money when I can take a bus for only 1,000. Yes, you may have heard that taxis are relatively cheap here… True. But being the tightwad that I am, I don’t see the point in spending extra money when I don’t have to. Well this was one of those “have to” situations. The bus from Karima’s house to the terminal was an 11 minute wait and it was already 9pm. The bus, on a fast night, could take at least 15 minutes. So I splurged and got a taxi! Got there in time for the bus… Woohoo!! And good thing too! I had quite the attractive bus driver! I normally am not attracted to Korean men, but this guy definitely caught my attention. Good thing I was all sweaty from running around all night and probably didn’t smell the greatest. Oh well. He was probably married anyways. The fun was just beginning though… A man got on right as the bus was pulling out and he sat next to me in the front seat. He seemed a little odd to me at first. He kept muttering things to himself, and all I could make out was (in Korean) “Sorry.” He was messing around with something in his hand and I saw that it was a bottle. He finally got it opened, took a drink, then snapped his fingers and said “Ahhh.” Thirst quenched! I’m guessing he just took a nice refreshing swallow of beer. Then the seat across the aisle opened up and he (literally) hopped over to the other seat. Haha I could tell the bus driver had been a little irritated with him the whole ride. The driver would say something to the man in a cool, calm, but clearly annoyed voice and the man would reply, with the attitude of a sassy teenager, “Why?” When the bus came to his stop, the man jumped (again, literally) out the door and said “Woo!” Haha

Since school is on summer vacation now, our “after school” classes are held in the morning. And it is quite nice!! The 1st and 2nd graders aren’t running around like chickens with their heads cut off! It was pretty much the same with the 3rd and 4th graders… Though the boob gesture somewhat made a comeback. We had a little singing contest. There were only about 12 kids out of 15 that day, so they sang in pairs. Minseong, the 3rd grader that had originally started the boob gestures, did a pretty good job with his partner, though they did make a few mistakes. So I gave them a score of 8 out of 10. I thought that was pretty decent, but Minseong did not agree. He said something and then all the kids and my after school co-teacher kind of giggled. I asked her what he said and she started laughing a little, but the rest of the students were quick to explain, through gestures, what Minseong had said. Oh joy. He can be quite dramatic when he doesn’t get his way.

For our Tuesday night dinner, Karima and I went to a restaurant in City Hall that Eun-mi had suggested for fried squid… It was delicious!! YUM!! Then had dessert at Paris Baguette.

Early Thursday morning, around 3am, Typhoon Damrey struck Jeju. The rain had calmed down quite a bit by the time I had to walk to the bus stop, so I was very grateful for that! And what do you know, I get on the bus and have the cute bus driver again! A little eye candy to start off the morning. Haha

Friday night, I finished packing for the big move tomorrow. Then my neighbor Emily came over and we chatted over some mixed soju drinks! A nice little “going away party.” 🙂

Moving Day!

My co-teacher, Suim, offered to help me move. She came with her husband and 3-year-old daughter (cutie!) in their “truck.” Apparently, something along the lines of a Kia Morning with a hatchback is considered a truck here. I was quite nervous that all the stuff I have accumulated since I’ve been here would not all fit with the 4 of us in the car. I was wrong! We had enough room to maybe squeeze one more person in the back seat with me. If there was a carseat/seatbelt law in Korea, this probably wouldn’t be possible. As far as I’ve seen, kids do not have to be in car seats or even buckled up for that matter. They just sit in the back or on their parents lap. On the drive down to Seogwipo, Suim’s daughter and I played “dak-a-goo,” or as we say it in English, “peek-a-boo.” From the time, Suim pulled up in front of my old apartment to the time they left my new apartment, only 1 hour had passed… Talk about efficiency!

While I waited for Karima, I walked down to KFC for some lunch (unfortunately, they do not serve mac’n’cheese at KFC in Korea.. so sad) and cleaned up the cupboards in the kitchen. For the rest of our Saturday evening and all day Sunday, we tore down wall paper and cleaned the walls. Mold is a little bit of an issue in Korea. Karima had already been sick from mold in her old apartment here, so we wanted to squash the problem right away! It was EXHAUSTING to say the least. On our way to bring garbage to the dumpster on Saturday night, we saw a man sleeping on the sidewalk. Not just on the side of the sidewalk, but all across the sidewalk and he wasn’t sleeping on anything. I’m assuming soju was involved, and in that case, anything can be comfortable!

We decided to sleep out on our porch, so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick from any mold. The sight we woke up to on Sunday morning was like heaven… Pink clouds over Hallasan (volcano) and a beautiful sunrise! Breath-taking! We decided to have this week’s Tuesday night dinner a little early and went to the restaurant across the street on Sunday night. They said it was bacon, it was just very thick bacon! We grilled it up and then Karima noticed that not all the hair was taken off. Part of the skin was still on all the bacon pieces. They probably shaved the hair off the pig, but didn’t get the little hairs that are still in the skin. I tried it and didn’t taste a difference. 🙂


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