Desk Warming!

Summer vacation didn’t officially start until Thursday this week, but desk warming did. If you do not know the definition of desk warming, here it is brought to you by

Desk warming- a principal delight of ESL teacher in Korean public schools, where they spend vast amounts of time at their desks, with no particular assignments or tasks to complete. Websurfing, writing emails, downloading movies and other files are common ways to pass the time.

Monday was the start of 15-day marathon of desk warming. (Thank God for the weekends, otherwise a girl could go CRAZY!!) Here is the list of things I have accomplished during my first week of desk warming:

  1. Wrote a poem about my 3rd graders. (
  2. Read through the 100 emails from Kim & Jason that have accumulated in my inbox. Fighting Adultitis one email at a time. (They’re awesome!
  3. Updated my journal.
  4. Studied my 6th graders’ names. I now know all 155 of my 6th graders! This was no easy task, but I did it because I know it makes my kids feel special that I know each one of their names. (And because I’m awesome!) πŸ˜‰
  5. Played Spider Solitaire.
  6. Facebooked. Not as often as I probably would have though. Karima and I have a deal going on… We’re only allowed 20 minutes of Facebook while at school each day. Whoever doesn’t follow that has to buy the other dinner the next time we go out.Β (We survived the first week!)
  7. Took pictures with each 6th grade class. Since Eun-mi will not be here next semester, I wanted to get a group picture with her and I and each 6th grade class. (Pictures are below!)
  8. Updated my Postcardly address book! Postcardly is awesome! Check it out! (
  9. Blogged! (You are currently looking at some hard core desk warming work right here!)
  10. Made a little drawing.

    Not at all perfect, just “perfectly me.”

  11. Finished 5 lesson plans for my school’s English winter camp! (It’s going to be lots of fun!!)
  12. Repaired a rip in a shirt.
  13. Last, but most certainly not least, I had a Sex and the City marathon on (An amazing website!)

And that’s my 1st week of desk warming in a nutshell… Remember, I get paid to do this. Rough life! πŸ™‚

6th Grade Photo Shoot!

(You can click on photos to enlarge them.)

6-1 (Haha notice Junseok in the orange shirt!)

6-2 They had some AWESOME pictures, but this was my favorite!!

6-3 Little Monsters πŸ™‚

6-4 Rock Stars!

6-5 Not a very focused group.. πŸ˜‰

6-6 Party Animals! Love these little squirts!

Our last day of school was Wednesday, and to celebrate, the principal, vice principal, office secretaries, all the teachers, and some members of the parent organizatin all went out for lunch at a local sushi restaurant, which happened to be the first place I ever ate sushi a few months back. Long story short, the principal and other important people associated with the school gave speeches and after every speech there were shots of soju. (Urban Dictionary definition of Soju: A distilled beverage native to Korea. It is traditionally made from rice. Its taste is comparable to vodka, though slightly sweeter due to sugars added in the manufacturing process… I personally think it tastes like hydrogen peroxide, though the taste is severely decreased with the addition of any kind of juice or soda. Though I should warn you, this can lead to a quick, cheap drunk!) Beer was also involved. I’ve heard of other foreign teachers talk about their co-teachers and principals getting drunk at school dinners, but I just assumed my principal wasn’t one of them… Until today. Though he was still a gentleman and asked if I enjoyed the meal and had a good time (in Korean, of course).

Karima and I recently found an apartment together. ROOMIES!! This weeekend, we brought some of her things down to Seogwipo. Let me just say that lugging 2 big suitcases and a big backpack, plus our little overnight bags, up a big hill on a hot, July afternoon in Jeju is no easy task, but we did it without even breaking a sweat. Wait, scratch that! There was A LOT of sweat involved!! Julys in Jeju are ridiculously HOT!

After that, we went for a much needed and well-deserved swim out at Oedelgae! It was beautiful! The clouds off in the distance were simply gorgeous over the sea! After swimming, we found a place to camp for the night. We searched for a perfect spot and hopped over the fence, nevermind the warning signs to not do just that. We found a relatively flat rock to sleep on. (We were about 15 feet away from a sheer drop off into the sea.) We layed out the tent and just laid on our sleeping bags under the stars. The view was incredible! The moon was so bright and high in the sky. The stars were out. The squid boats were out and lit up the sea below. We could also see the World Cup Soccer Stadium and the fireworks they were lighting off after the game! It was the perfect spot! While sitting there talking and sipping on our grape soda and soju mix, Karima felt something crawling on her leg and went to shoo it off. What she felt wasn’t just another little bug… We turned on the flashlight on her phone, and there he was. A giant, brown, hairy spider! We changed our minds about sleeping under the stars after that!

Gorgeous clouds beyond Oedulgae!!

We were woken up in the morning by some Koreans talking on the trail on the other side of the fence. Not sure if they saw us or not, but we just stayed put until we no longer heard them. When we opened the tent, we saw a lovely view! Pink clouds over the ocean as the sun was rising. I would have no problem waking up at 5:30am every morning if I cold wake up to that!

Good Morning!!


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