False Alarm!

HOT! HUMID! STICKY! “The air feels like soup.” Karima described it perfectly! And my school has been avoiding turning on the air-con… Until this week!! Oh yea!! But it came with a price. During lunch, our school had a few mini power outages. It was funny to hear the kids in the lunchroom. As the lights would get darker, the screams and woops would get louder and vice versa.

For one of our lessons with the 6th graders, we had an activity where the students had to make advertisements for some place of their choice. As an example, I made an advertisement for the carnival. When I told them that my uncle owns the carnival and that my dad owned one of the rides in the pictures, they were all amazed saying “Wooooaaah!!” What shocked them even more was when I told them it was a traveling carnival and that we moved the rides and everything to a new town every week… “Unbelievable!” They have never heard of such a thing and by the looks on their faces, I could tell they thought this was the most amazing thing they had ever heard of! Here is the link for my prezi presentation I shared with them. http://prezi.com/uaspuooddoef/carnival-ad/

Eun-mi was telling me that she wanted to do an activity next week with the 6th graders, instead of lessons the whole time, since it will be our last week teaching them for the semester. A while back, I was going through some of the books in our English library and I found a couple books with no words. At the time, I thought it would be a fun activity for the students to write their own story. I shared this idea with her and she loved it! We were going to take some books and cover up the words and have the students write their own stories. So to prepare for this, she wanted us teachers to do an example. I had a good idea for a story to write on my own instead of rewriting one of the story books we had in our class. I made two of my 6th graders part of the story… The final product will be revealed in next week’s post. πŸ™‚

Apparently, my bag that I use for school looks like a trash can… We were in Tom ‘n’ Tom’s coffee shop before we went out to dinner one night, but I didn’t order anything. When I got home, I noticed that someone had stuck their Tom ‘n’ Tom’s receipt in my bag. Some Korean bully picking on the poor little foreigner… Haha no worries. I survived the vicious attack and have lived to tell the story! πŸ˜‰

One day after classes, our school held an English Role Play Competition for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. The 4th and 6th graders ROCKED it!! And many of the groups had really cute outfits! All of the English teachers were judges. It was really fun to watch! This was one of my favorites and I think they got one of the silver prizes! Presenting the 4-3 class performing Snow White and the 4 Dwarfs…

“Simon Says Game!” “Please, Brooke Teacher, Simon Says Game!” I gave in. We played it. They loved it! Here’s a lesson for teacher out there (not always guaranteeing it), Simon Says=Happy 4th Graders!!

My little Junhyung… Funniest little man I know! (He’s also one of the characters in my story, Brooke’s Slippers… To be released next week!) One day at the end of class, one notebook was missing from the homework pile. Eun-mi asked who didn’t turn theirs in, and of course, it was Junhyung. He jumps up immediately, waving his notebook in the air. He actually did his homework!! Just forgot to turn it in. So he brought it up to me right away to check. When I found a mistake, I would point it out to him and show him how it should be correctly written. Everytime I would show him a mistake, he would say, “Oh, I’m soo sorry Brooke Teacher” in the most apologetic/sarcastic voice. Haha LOVE this kid! Here is a picture of Junhyung (and also a sneak peek of my story). πŸ™‚


One of the teachers I carpool with just had her baby not too long ago! So Eun-mi and I decided to pay her a visit and see the little bundle of joy! Culture shock coming at ya!! We weren’t heading in the right direction for Kyeong-soon’s apartment, so I asked where we were going. I would have guessed we wouldn’t be going to the hospital because she had the baby almost two weeks ago. In Korea, after a woman has a baby, her and the baby stay in this hospital/hotel place. It is a separate building from the hospital (and actually not even close to the hostpital) and the mama and baby stay there for 2-3 weeks alone. Visitors are more than welcome, but are not allowed to spend the night. The rooms are quite small, probably 10 feet x 10 feet. The room contains a little bathroom, tv, a Korean-style bed (basically a down mattress pad), and a tiny table. The walls are completely bare. There was also a little enclosed porch/balcony (or what Koreans like to call “verandas”)Β with a chair. Also, another thing I found interesting was that they had not named the baby yet. The baby was soo tiny! Her diaper was so big on her. She had the softest hair and lots of it! Here she is…

Awwww!!! πŸ™‚

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but I LOVE my 3-1 class! The cutest little pip-squeaks ever! Hae-soo, one of my favorite little Korean chunkers, comes up to me and says, “Oooh I love you Brooke!” in a very dramatic voice. So I say back, in the same dramatic tone, “Oooh thank you Hae-soo.” Then she went in for a hug and I gave her a hug back. She looked like she wanted to cry, she was so incredibly happy, and said, “Ooooh thank you!!!” I also love when five kids will come up to me and say, “Brooke Teacher, what’s your name?” Oh the irony!

I planned to go on some Olles on Saturday and Sunday, but the weather was not cooperating! So instead, I just stayed home Saturday. Around noon, the fire alarms started going off. I ignored them at first, but after a few minutes they were still going off. I walked outside to look at the windows to see if there was any smoke… Nothing. So I went back inside. The alarm was still going off, so I decided to go outside again and met my upstair neighbor in the hall. She said this has happened before when the fire alarm will just randomly go off. She said the last time this happened, the man that owns one of the convenience stores next to our building came over and cut the wires. The fire department was not happy with that one. After talking for a little bit, she went and got her leatherman to take out the screw that was holding in the wires to keep the alarms going. After all four floors were unscrewed, we could still hear an alarm. We finally found where it was, the empty meeting room on the first floor. There was a panel and a bunch of buttons with Korean directions. We just started pressing buttons and then finally the alarm stopped… Until 10 seconds later. It continued to go off every 10 seconds until we pressed another button and it turned off. The excitement of the day!!

On Sunday, I went down to Tapdong to watch the Headline News Expats in Jeju Summer Festival. There was going to be a small foreigners’ market and performances by expats. Karima was going to be singing! We were sitting out front watching some other performances when it started at about 4:30. She went back stage to see if she’d still be on at 6:15.. Next thing I know she’s on stage. Only an hour or so early! She did great! All the performers were great! It was a very nice night out in Tapdong! There was also one Korean band, called South Carnival. They played Reggae/Ska music… They were a lot of fun!

Karima! She looks so tiny!!

Korean band South Carnival… Lots of fun!


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