Testing Complete!!

So for the past 2-3 weeks, the 6th graders have been studying for their big test. It’s been quite boring. We don’t get to do any activities or anything fun… Just study. Well the week has finally come for them to take the test!! Now all the boring studying is over with!!

Since the testing and studying is finished, all the English teachers put together a little something fun for the 6th graders… The “English” Golden Bell Competition. I’m not sure why they called it the English Golden Bell because only one activity had anything to do with English. First they had a Rock, Paper, Scissors competition. Each class would line up in two lines, one for boys and one for girls, for a total of 12 lines. Then one line at a time would stand up and challenge the next class to RPS, if they won, they could move to the next class. If they made it through all the other classes without losing, they won 5 points for their team.

가위 바위 보 (“Gawi bawi bo!”)

Then they had an activity where they had to form a Korean syllable with their bodies, using every student in the class. I helped out 6-3 and we had to form 이, which means the number 2. (We had one of the easier ones.)


After that, they had a statue competition. In small groups, they had to make a statue where everybody had to be touching at least one other person in some way. This was hilarious! But the girls weren’t really into this.

Haha LOVE Kyeong-jin’s face!!

When I see this, I think of the Captain Morgan pose.

Hahaha! So sad this turned out a little blurry!

Getting a little rough..

A little bit of arm wrestling during a short break between activities…

They were at a stand-still for quite some time.

Then they had a quiz activity in Korean.


And a True-False game where they had to run to the side they thought was correct.


Break time with ice cream!

The girls begged to have their picture taken!!

For the boys… This is the best they would give me.

And FINALLY… The English part of the “English” Golden Bell Competition. I made up a bunch of random questions in English. Eun-mi was my co-MC!

We put the “English” in the English Golden Bell Competition!

This is the first week in a looooong time that a boy from the 3-1 class hasn’t made a boob gesture! Yay!!

For my 6th graders, I made a Culture Shock presentation! They LOVED the scooter video! It also brought up some other questions.. One girl was telling Eun-mi something in Korean and just looked totally disgusted. Eun-mi translated for me that the girl thought it was so strange that we have toasted bread for breakfast and no rice! Haha I expected something different based on the look she had on her face. Here is the link to check out my prezi presentation I showed them! http://prezi.com/vc8rzern6g29/culture-shock-in-korea/

Here is another English Broadcast video with Da-gyo…

Due to the weather, my weekend was pretty uneventful. But I heard THUNDER for the first time I’ve been in Korea! It wasn’t much, but it was lovely to hear. 🙂


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