Desk Warming!

Summer vacation didn’t officially start until Thursday this week, but desk warming did. If you do not know the definition of desk warming, here it is brought to you by

Desk warming- a principal delight of ESL teacher in Korean public schools, where they spend vast amounts of time at their desks, with no particular assignments or tasks to complete. Websurfing, writing emails, downloading movies and other files are common ways to pass the time.

Monday was the start of 15-day marathon of desk warming. (Thank God for the weekends, otherwise a girl could go CRAZY!!) Here is the list of things I have accomplished during my first week of desk warming:

  1. Wrote a poem about my 3rd graders. (
  2. Read through the 100 emails from Kim & Jason that have accumulated in my inbox. Fighting Adultitis one email at a time. (They’re awesome!
  3. Updated my journal.
  4. Studied my 6th graders’ names. I now know all 155 of my 6th graders! This was no easy task, but I did it because I know it makes my kids feel special that I know each one of their names. (And because I’m awesome!) 😉
  5. Played Spider Solitaire.
  6. Facebooked. Not as often as I probably would have though. Karima and I have a deal going on… We’re only allowed 20 minutes of Facebook while at school each day. Whoever doesn’t follow that has to buy the other dinner the next time we go out. (We survived the first week!)
  7. Took pictures with each 6th grade class. Since Eun-mi will not be here next semester, I wanted to get a group picture with her and I and each 6th grade class. (Pictures are below!)
  8. Updated my Postcardly address book! Postcardly is awesome! Check it out! (
  9. Blogged! (You are currently looking at some hard core desk warming work right here!)
  10. Made a little drawing.

    Not at all perfect, just “perfectly me.”

  11. Finished 5 lesson plans for my school’s English winter camp! (It’s going to be lots of fun!!)
  12. Repaired a rip in a shirt.
  13. Last, but most certainly not least, I had a Sex and the City marathon on (An amazing website!)

And that’s my 1st week of desk warming in a nutshell… Remember, I get paid to do this. Rough life! 🙂

6th Grade Photo Shoot!

(You can click on photos to enlarge them.)

6-1 (Haha notice Junseok in the orange shirt!)

6-2 They had some AWESOME pictures, but this was my favorite!!

6-3 Little Monsters 🙂

6-4 Rock Stars!

6-5 Not a very focused group.. 😉

6-6 Party Animals! Love these little squirts!

Our last day of school was Wednesday, and to celebrate, the principal, vice principal, office secretaries, all the teachers, and some members of the parent organizatin all went out for lunch at a local sushi restaurant, which happened to be the first place I ever ate sushi a few months back. Long story short, the principal and other important people associated with the school gave speeches and after every speech there were shots of soju. (Urban Dictionary definition of Soju: A distilled beverage native to Korea. It is traditionally made from rice. Its taste is comparable to vodka, though slightly sweeter due to sugars added in the manufacturing process… I personally think it tastes like hydrogen peroxide, though the taste is severely decreased with the addition of any kind of juice or soda. Though I should warn you, this can lead to a quick, cheap drunk!) Beer was also involved. I’ve heard of other foreign teachers talk about their co-teachers and principals getting drunk at school dinners, but I just assumed my principal wasn’t one of them… Until today. Though he was still a gentleman and asked if I enjoyed the meal and had a good time (in Korean, of course).

Karima and I recently found an apartment together. ROOMIES!! This weeekend, we brought some of her things down to Seogwipo. Let me just say that lugging 2 big suitcases and a big backpack, plus our little overnight bags, up a big hill on a hot, July afternoon in Jeju is no easy task, but we did it without even breaking a sweat. Wait, scratch that! There was A LOT of sweat involved!! Julys in Jeju are ridiculously HOT!

After that, we went for a much needed and well-deserved swim out at Oedelgae! It was beautiful! The clouds off in the distance were simply gorgeous over the sea! After swimming, we found a place to camp for the night. We searched for a perfect spot and hopped over the fence, nevermind the warning signs to not do just that. We found a relatively flat rock to sleep on. (We were about 15 feet away from a sheer drop off into the sea.) We layed out the tent and just laid on our sleeping bags under the stars. The view was incredible! The moon was so bright and high in the sky. The stars were out. The squid boats were out and lit up the sea below. We could also see the World Cup Soccer Stadium and the fireworks they were lighting off after the game! It was the perfect spot! While sitting there talking and sipping on our grape soda and soju mix, Karima felt something crawling on her leg and went to shoo it off. What she felt wasn’t just another little bug… We turned on the flashlight on her phone, and there he was. A giant, brown, hairy spider! We changed our minds about sleeping under the stars after that!

Gorgeous clouds beyond Oedulgae!!

We were woken up in the morning by some Koreans talking on the trail on the other side of the fence. Not sure if they saw us or not, but we just stayed put until we no longer heard them. When we opened the tent, we saw a lovely view! Pink clouds over the ocean as the sun was rising. I would have no problem waking up at 5:30am every morning if I cold wake up to that!

Good Morning!!


We Are 3rd Graders!

My 3-1 class is without a doubt my favorite class as a whole! They are my little crazies and I love them with all my heart! I have been with them since the beginning of March, and since then I have noticed one thing: they are quite the multitaskers. One day while my co-teacher was teaching a lesson, I observed the kids and really watched what they were doing for 20 minutes. I wrote a little free style poem to share my observations. I hope you enjoy…

We Are 3rd Graders!!

We are 3rd graders.
We love Brooke Teacher.
We say, “Oh Brooke, I love you!”
We like to do many things…
…crawling on the floor and drawing Pokemon…
…reading story books and folding Kleenex…
…picking apart erasers and whispering to my friends…
…showing Brooke every sticker on my pencil case…
…cutting pictures out of my English book…
…and giving them to Brooke Teacher…
…drawing on my desk and picking my nose…
…(Brooke really likes stickers, I can tell)…
…showing my friends my middle finger and laughing…
…cutting my own hair with a scissors…
…well almost until Brooke Teacher stopped me…
…fixing my hair and chewing on my pencil…
…always looking back at Brooke to make sure she’s still there…
…smiling and holding my friend in a headlock…
…swinging between desks…
…putting my hair clip in the boy’s hair that’s sitting next to me…
…it’s cute…
…asking Brooke a bunch of questions…
…she always smiles and shakes her head and says “moolayo”…
…(she’s a teacher so why doesn’t she know anything)…
…”Brooke Teacher, what’s your name?”
We like to do many things.
And through all this, we’re still able to listen & repeat, sing songs, and participate in activities in English class!
We are 3rd graders.
Bye bye.

-Brooke Teacher                          

 This is dedicated to my 3-1 class at Daejeong Elementary School on Jeju Island, South Korea. Love you little crazies!!

Brooke’s Slippers!!

Last week, I was working on a little story to share with my 6th graders and this week is the unveiling! The kids LOVED it! They really liked the picture of me “crying” and they loved the ending. “So funny, Brooke Teacher!” Here it is: (When you get to the link, put your mouse over the word “More” and it will give you the option to view it in full screen.) Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Later in the week, I had made some copies of my little story: one for the English library (upon Eun-mi’s request), one for each Junhyung and Ga-eun, and one for myself. One day after school, I went upstairs to find Junhyung and Ga-eun. I couldn’t find either of them, but some of Junhyung’s classmates went and found him and brought him to me. This was his reaction when I handed him his copy… “Ooohhhh YEAH!!!!!” Then he went running to show his homeroom teacher. I’m guessing he liked it…? When I gave Ga-eun her copy the next day, she liked it and really liked the little note that I wrote on the back thanking her. I wrote the note in English and in Korean. She thought that was pretty cool.

For our Tuesday night dinner, Karima and I were invited over to Kara’s house. She made us a delicious dinner of avocado and tomato salad and pasta with this paste/sauce made of tomatoes, garlic, basil, and some other things. I know what you’re thinking… “Brooke thought that was delicious?” YES, I DID! As I have embarked on this journey to Korea, my taste buds thought they’d be a little adventurous as well.

I had to leave Kara’s a little early in order to catch the last bus at Nohyeong Rotary that stops at the bus stop by my house. I didn’t want to wait at the bus stop by Kara’s house, just in case a bus didn’t come in time to get me down to Nohyeong to catch my other bus. So I just speed walked all the way down. It was probably about a 15-20 minute walk. I was cutting it pretty close, so I decided to try to make it through the crosswalk before the light turned green. Well I got about halfway across the road when the light turned green. I backed off right away as this taxi started moving forward. Then, when I was already heading back to the sidewalk, the taxi honks his horn at me a couple times. (I’m already out of your way guy!) Then he sits there for at least 10-15 seconds just staring at me. (Well heck! If I had known he was just going to sit there and stare, I would’ve had PLENTY of time to cross.) So finally I just gave him a big, cheesy smile and a friendly wave (the kind that says “What are you looking at, dude?!”) and he finally took off.

Typhoon Khanun!

This is part of the email we had received about an hour before the storm started…

For your safety,  I am asking all of residents to be careful with things to do as the followings,
-Don’t leave any stuffs in the balcony area
-Do not use many of electric supplies at the same time(Computer, Refrigerator, Washing Machine and so on)
-Refrain from using supplies on power when heavy raining
-Keep doors closed
-Not going outside of the building

I have never been in a typhoon, tropical storm, hurricane, or anything like that… Though I think a few of the storms I’ve been in in the past could probably match up to my first typhoon here in Korea! Typhoon Khanun came to us the evening of July 18, 2012. The wind was whipping all the tree branches around and the rain was coming down pretty hard. The next morning, you couldn’t even tell we had just had a typhoon. My balcony was completely dry, where there had been standing water just 8 hours earlier, and I didn’t seen any broken branches or anything else out of sorts. I have survived my first typhoon!!

Typhoon Khanun!!

Though it wasn’t AS intense as I had imagined, it was still a pretty powerful storm!

During our first 4th grade class on Thursday, right as Hosun was starting her lesson, one of the 4th grade homeroom teachers came in and told us not to teach anything this class and to just have fun. She also said that our other three 4th grade classes would be cancelled… Alright! So we watched a few Mr. Bean sketches, which are always fun, and sang some songs. A very productive use of our class time if I do say so myself. 🙂

After school one day, I rode home with Mr. Yang because Eun-mi was going to be staying late. I usually carpool with Eun-mi, Mr. Yang, and Mrs. Lee. Since Mrs. Lee had her baby, she no longer rides with us. Sometimes Eun-mi stays late and Mr. Yang will always drive me home. There is usually not much said during these rides, and when I say “not much” I mean NO talking. Mr. Yang is not that confident in his English and I don’t know enough Korean to have a conversation yet. We only “talk” if he needs to tell me something about picking me up or dropping me off. On this particular ride, he says to me “Brooke, I have a plan.” The way he said it he sounded determined, like we were going to go on a mission or something. He continued “I am going to study English very hard over summer vacation so we can talk.” I felt really special that I am his main reason for studying English! 🙂 (Though I may be moving to Seogwipo for next semester, so we won’t get many chances to talk since then I won’t be car pooling anymore.) 😦

No 3rd grade classes this week… I miss my little crazies! Fridays are already exciting because it’s  the end of the week, but they make it 10x better!!

After school on Friday, the English teachers went out for dinner at a Chinese place. It was pretty good. We had some chicken with some sweet sauce, some chili shrimp (with the head and everything still attached… not a fan), breaded pork in this syrupy sauce, and some shellfish soup. (I’m sorry I don’t know the specific names of any of these foods, but before I came to Korea, I had never eaten Chinese food- shocking, I know- and my co-teachers didn’t know the English words for anything.) New Food Alert: I ATE CLAMS! (Or oysters or whatever kind of shellfish it was.) And to my utter amazement, I liked it! After dinner, we went to a little coffee shop for some mocha buns (mmmmm!) and some bingsu! Bingsu is a famous Korean dessert with crushed ice at the bottom and fruits and cornflakes on the top. Also, depending what kind you get, there is also red bean paste or yogurt-ice cream on the top. (There are many other kinds, but I’m only talking about the ones we had.) Since I’m not a fan of the red bean paste, we also ordered a small dish of the yogurt bingsu… It was pretty delicious!

Shellfish soup… It was a heaping pile! This is already half gone.

We sat in this coffee shop for the next hour. We My co-teachers gossiped about anything and everything in Korean. Seeing as I wasn’t understanding anything and they weren’t translating, I just went on the News app on my phone to see what’s up. The first story was about the shooting at the midnight showing of Batman in Colorado. My app only shows the headline. I knew my brother was going to see that movie at midnight, so I was getting really worried that this had happened in Colorado Springs. My phone wouldn’t open the link when I clicked on it, so I had no idea what city this was happening in! When I finally got home about 45 minutes later, I ran to my computer to see what city this was happening in… Aurora, outside of Denver. I was so relieved that is wasn’t in Colorado Springs, but it is still so sad and so disturbing that this happened. Prayers go out to all the victims.

Olle 13

Saturday morning I headed out to do Olle 13. It was quite the long bus ride to the beginning of the Olle, so I’m very thankful that I had a book with me. I finally got to the start at 10:15. By this time, it was very hot outside! Within the first 10 minutes, I was already sweating like a mad woman! Not too long after I started, 10:30 to be exact, I was walking on a little road between some fields when a car was driving through. I moved over so the car would have plenty of room. Then the car stopped right in front of me. (For you worry warts out there, don’t be alarmed. The people of Jeju, and of Korea, are friendly and 90% of the time you need not worry when running into them.) They only spoke Korean of course, but I’m pretty sure the driver asked if I was on an Olle. As I was saying yes, the passenger was getting out of the car and came around by me. He offered me some chips and I politely declined, but he insisted and kept insisting until I took a few chips. Then immediately he started pushing the whole bag at me insisting that I have the whole bag for my walk. I tried to decline again, but he wasn’t having it. I finally just took the bag. As I did, he was so happy he gave me a big hug! Then I felt like he was going in for a kiss so I tried to turn my head, and sure enough! He planted a big kiss right on my cheek! Ha good thing I turned my head! I am almost 99% sure these two gentlemen were drunk… Remember it’s only 10:30 in the morning!

Storm off in the distance… Hope I don’t run into that before I finish!

I went on my merry way, and thankfully, didn’t have anymore run-ins with drunk Korean men. It was incredibly hot though and I was losing motivation and running low on water. I could hear some thunder off in the distance and was praying for it to sprinkle just a little bit! Wish granted! It sprinkled for a little bit, just enough to cool me down. Later, I came upon a chair museum. It was pretty cool. There was a GIANT chair at the entrance. Needless to say, it was a nice place for a rest.

The outdoor chair museum!

Shortly after, I ran out of water. With no town or anybody in sight, I resorted to one of the little water spickets that are in almost every field I pass. I didn’t know if it would be very healthy to drink this water, but I figured a little couldn’t hurt me. My last big challenge was an oreum. I was debating on even going up it or not, but after contemplating this for about 5 minutes, I finally sucked it up and did it! It was rough, but in the end, I was very glad that I did it. And thankfully the olle ended only about 100 yards after the oreum! Finished it in 4 hours! This was about 16.5 km.

Sunday, Karima and I were going down to Seogwipo to look at a potential new apartment. Before we left, I got to be apart of girls’ night back in Wisconsin! Got to Skype with Mikala, Chelsea, and Kayla!! So nice talking to you crazy ladies! We checked out the apartment when we got down there, and it’s a GO!! We’re moving down to Seogwipo in the next couple weeks!

After that we went swimming at Oedelgae (Way-dul-gay). It was gorgeous! I’m not a huge fan of swimming in the ocean. I’m more comfortable just putting my feet in as I walk along the beach. Well it took me a while, but I got in and it was nice! And it was warm! Lovely way to end the weekend!!

Beautiful! Next time I think I’ll actually jump off one of the little cliffs! 🙂

False Alarm!

HOT! HUMID! STICKY! “The air feels like soup.” Karima described it perfectly! And my school has been avoiding turning on the air-con… Until this week!! Oh yea!! But it came with a price. During lunch, our school had a few mini power outages. It was funny to hear the kids in the lunchroom. As the lights would get darker, the screams and woops would get louder and vice versa.

For one of our lessons with the 6th graders, we had an activity where the students had to make advertisements for some place of their choice. As an example, I made an advertisement for the carnival. When I told them that my uncle owns the carnival and that my dad owned one of the rides in the pictures, they were all amazed saying “Wooooaaah!!” What shocked them even more was when I told them it was a traveling carnival and that we moved the rides and everything to a new town every week… “Unbelievable!” They have never heard of such a thing and by the looks on their faces, I could tell they thought this was the most amazing thing they had ever heard of! Here is the link for my prezi presentation I shared with them.

Eun-mi was telling me that she wanted to do an activity next week with the 6th graders, instead of lessons the whole time, since it will be our last week teaching them for the semester. A while back, I was going through some of the books in our English library and I found a couple books with no words. At the time, I thought it would be a fun activity for the students to write their own story. I shared this idea with her and she loved it! We were going to take some books and cover up the words and have the students write their own stories. So to prepare for this, she wanted us teachers to do an example. I had a good idea for a story to write on my own instead of rewriting one of the story books we had in our class. I made two of my 6th graders part of the story… The final product will be revealed in next week’s post. 🙂

Apparently, my bag that I use for school looks like a trash can… We were in Tom ‘n’ Tom’s coffee shop before we went out to dinner one night, but I didn’t order anything. When I got home, I noticed that someone had stuck their Tom ‘n’ Tom’s receipt in my bag. Some Korean bully picking on the poor little foreigner… Haha no worries. I survived the vicious attack and have lived to tell the story! 😉

One day after classes, our school held an English Role Play Competition for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. The 4th and 6th graders ROCKED it!! And many of the groups had really cute outfits! All of the English teachers were judges. It was really fun to watch! This was one of my favorites and I think they got one of the silver prizes! Presenting the 4-3 class performing Snow White and the 4 Dwarfs…

“Simon Says Game!” “Please, Brooke Teacher, Simon Says Game!” I gave in. We played it. They loved it! Here’s a lesson for teacher out there (not always guaranteeing it), Simon Says=Happy 4th Graders!!

My little Junhyung… Funniest little man I know! (He’s also one of the characters in my story, Brooke’s Slippers… To be released next week!) One day at the end of class, one notebook was missing from the homework pile. Eun-mi asked who didn’t turn theirs in, and of course, it was Junhyung. He jumps up immediately, waving his notebook in the air. He actually did his homework!! Just forgot to turn it in. So he brought it up to me right away to check. When I found a mistake, I would point it out to him and show him how it should be correctly written. Everytime I would show him a mistake, he would say, “Oh, I’m soo sorry Brooke Teacher” in the most apologetic/sarcastic voice. Haha LOVE this kid! Here is a picture of Junhyung (and also a sneak peek of my story). 🙂


One of the teachers I carpool with just had her baby not too long ago! So Eun-mi and I decided to pay her a visit and see the little bundle of joy! Culture shock coming at ya!! We weren’t heading in the right direction for Kyeong-soon’s apartment, so I asked where we were going. I would have guessed we wouldn’t be going to the hospital because she had the baby almost two weeks ago. In Korea, after a woman has a baby, her and the baby stay in this hospital/hotel place. It is a separate building from the hospital (and actually not even close to the hostpital) and the mama and baby stay there for 2-3 weeks alone. Visitors are more than welcome, but are not allowed to spend the night. The rooms are quite small, probably 10 feet x 10 feet. The room contains a little bathroom, tv, a Korean-style bed (basically a down mattress pad), and a tiny table. The walls are completely bare. There was also a little enclosed porch/balcony (or what Koreans like to call “verandas”) with a chair. Also, another thing I found interesting was that they had not named the baby yet. The baby was soo tiny! Her diaper was so big on her. She had the softest hair and lots of it! Here she is…

Awwww!!! 🙂

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but I LOVE my 3-1 class! The cutest little pip-squeaks ever! Hae-soo, one of my favorite little Korean chunkers, comes up to me and says, “Oooh I love you Brooke!” in a very dramatic voice. So I say back, in the same dramatic tone, “Oooh thank you Hae-soo.” Then she went in for a hug and I gave her a hug back. She looked like she wanted to cry, she was so incredibly happy, and said, “Ooooh thank you!!!” I also love when five kids will come up to me and say, “Brooke Teacher, what’s your name?” Oh the irony!

I planned to go on some Olles on Saturday and Sunday, but the weather was not cooperating! So instead, I just stayed home Saturday. Around noon, the fire alarms started going off. I ignored them at first, but after a few minutes they were still going off. I walked outside to look at the windows to see if there was any smoke… Nothing. So I went back inside. The alarm was still going off, so I decided to go outside again and met my upstair neighbor in the hall. She said this has happened before when the fire alarm will just randomly go off. She said the last time this happened, the man that owns one of the convenience stores next to our building came over and cut the wires. The fire department was not happy with that one. After talking for a little bit, she went and got her leatherman to take out the screw that was holding in the wires to keep the alarms going. After all four floors were unscrewed, we could still hear an alarm. We finally found where it was, the empty meeting room on the first floor. There was a panel and a bunch of buttons with Korean directions. We just started pressing buttons and then finally the alarm stopped… Until 10 seconds later. It continued to go off every 10 seconds until we pressed another button and it turned off. The excitement of the day!!

On Sunday, I went down to Tapdong to watch the Headline News Expats in Jeju Summer Festival. There was going to be a small foreigners’ market and performances by expats. Karima was going to be singing! We were sitting out front watching some other performances when it started at about 4:30. She went back stage to see if she’d still be on at 6:15.. Next thing I know she’s on stage. Only an hour or so early! She did great! All the performers were great! It was a very nice night out in Tapdong! There was also one Korean band, called South Carnival. They played Reggae/Ska music… They were a lot of fun!

Karima! She looks so tiny!!

Korean band South Carnival… Lots of fun!

Ziplining & More!!

I’ve been studying the names of my 6th graders and I thought I’d test myself. At the beginning of class, I would go around to every group and say all their names. For some reason, this made me really nervous! Haha my heart was pounding. I didn’t know all of them, but I did know the whole 6-5 class!! They gave me a big “woah!” and a round of applause! Yay! Eun-mi made the comment that she thinks me knowing their names makes them feel very special. She also said that no other foreign teacher that she ever taught with ever did that. 🙂

Karima and I went out for our Tuesday dinner. We were sitting in a restaurant and for the longest time I thought I was sitting next to a mirror. Yea, there was no mirror there. Both sides of the room looked identical and there was some fixtures on the wall as if a wall had been there at one time. There also was a time when the woman came in the door on the other side of the room to my back right, but I thought it was just her reflection coming through the door right behind me. For some reason, it never occured to me that I wasn’t seeing my own reflection. Haha oh it was fun.

The “mirror” I was sitting next to.

Sangjin was misbehaving just a little bit in my 5th grade class. Whenever he was doing something he shouldn’t be, all I would have to say is “Sangjin..” and he would immediately respond with “Sangjin, don’t do that!” or “Sangjin, sit down!” (Which is exactly what I was going to say to him.) Too smart. 🙂

One day this week, there were some people who came in to give suggestions for our English program at the school. After the meeting, my co-teacher, Jinyoung, comes to the English office and says “Brooke, help me.” I follow her to another room. Basically she wanted me to help finish all the leftover watermelon they had cut up for the guests… No problem! 🙂

After I got home from school one day, there was a package sitting at my door. Thank you Aunt Sue!!!!

Christmas in July!!!! 🙂

Friday night, Mayb Cafe was having their 2nd Anniversary! So they had some live music and Karima performed again! Fun night!

Mayb Cafe

Saturday the weather finally cooperated for us! Eun-mi, Moon-ho (her boyfriend), and I went ziplining! It was a lot of fun! It was over a little green tea museum/plantation. Here are just a few videos we took. 🙂

Afterwards, we had lunch at the restaurant above the tea museum. We got to try green tea soup. I am NOT  fan of any kind of tea at all, so I really wasn’t looking forward to this. It was really good! The tea flavor was not as strong, and there was just a hint of it. Pretty good! Then I saw a little boy eating with his parents….

Cartoons on the iPhone in one hand… Chopsticks in the other.

Sunday was beach day at Samyang Black Sand Beach!! Nice relaxing day to myself watching some people windsurfing. If you look close enough at the picture, you’ll see a man wearing something bright orange on his head. You know those full face hats we wear in the winter? Yea, Koreans hate having their skin exposed to the sun too much and they will do anything to keep from being exposed.

Relaxing at Samyang!

Testing Complete!!

So for the past 2-3 weeks, the 6th graders have been studying for their big test. It’s been quite boring. We don’t get to do any activities or anything fun… Just study. Well the week has finally come for them to take the test!! Now all the boring studying is over with!!

Since the testing and studying is finished, all the English teachers put together a little something fun for the 6th graders… The “English” Golden Bell Competition. I’m not sure why they called it the English Golden Bell because only one activity had anything to do with English. First they had a Rock, Paper, Scissors competition. Each class would line up in two lines, one for boys and one for girls, for a total of 12 lines. Then one line at a time would stand up and challenge the next class to RPS, if they won, they could move to the next class. If they made it through all the other classes without losing, they won 5 points for their team.

가위 바위 보 (“Gawi bawi bo!”)

Then they had an activity where they had to form a Korean syllable with their bodies, using every student in the class. I helped out 6-3 and we had to form 이, which means the number 2. (We had one of the easier ones.)


After that, they had a statue competition. In small groups, they had to make a statue where everybody had to be touching at least one other person in some way. This was hilarious! But the girls weren’t really into this.

Haha LOVE Kyeong-jin’s face!!

When I see this, I think of the Captain Morgan pose.

Hahaha! So sad this turned out a little blurry!

Getting a little rough..

A little bit of arm wrestling during a short break between activities…

They were at a stand-still for quite some time.

Then they had a quiz activity in Korean.


And a True-False game where they had to run to the side they thought was correct.


Break time with ice cream!

The girls begged to have their picture taken!!

For the boys… This is the best they would give me.

And FINALLY… The English part of the “English” Golden Bell Competition. I made up a bunch of random questions in English. Eun-mi was my co-MC!

We put the “English” in the English Golden Bell Competition!

This is the first week in a looooong time that a boy from the 3-1 class hasn’t made a boob gesture! Yay!!

For my 6th graders, I made a Culture Shock presentation! They LOVED the scooter video! It also brought up some other questions.. One girl was telling Eun-mi something in Korean and just looked totally disgusted. Eun-mi translated for me that the girl thought it was so strange that we have toasted bread for breakfast and no rice! Haha I expected something different based on the look she had on her face. Here is the link to check out my prezi presentation I showed them!

Here is another English Broadcast video with Da-gyo…

Due to the weather, my weekend was pretty uneventful. But I heard THUNDER for the first time I’ve been in Korea! It wasn’t much, but it was lovely to hear. 🙂