Jun-hyuk, Jin-hyuk, Min-hyuk…

I have made it a goal to memorize all my 6th graders names… All 155 of them! I finally have all the classes’ pictures and class lists, so it’s time to start studying. Before I started this, I knew 15 of their names. After the first day, I knew 46. I’m thinking this won’t be as difficult as I thought, it just may take time. A lot of the names are very similar, such as Jun-hyuk, Min-hyuk, and Jin-hyuk and Min-su, Ji-su, and Hyun-su. There is also Su-hyun and Hyun-su… It’ll be fun!

For our Tuesday night dinner this week, we had breakfast for dinner at Karima’s place! I was telling her about my mama’s pancakes and how amazing they are, so she had me get the recipe from my mama. They were missing the main ingredient, Mama’s Love, but they were quite delicious regardless!!!! It was like a little piece of home.. A very tasty piece of home!

Mama’s Pancakes made by Karima!!

“Simon Says Game! Simon Says Game! Simon Says Game!” I didn’t know my 4th graders would like it this much! They can’t get enough!

On June 25, 1950, the Korean War started. To commemorate this day, my school held an event, which reminded me much of Veteran’s Day assemblies we had when I was in school, but it seems to be a much bigger deal here. Before the event started, the principal asked Eun-mi what she was doing for the event because he needs someone to take pictures. Eun-mi told him she’s in charge of the video camera, but that I am very good at taking pictures. Eek! I love taking pictures, but the principal has a big expensive camera and seems to be a perfectionist and very picky when it comes to pictures. He quickly showed me how to work it. I was suuuuper nervous! I was so worried that he wouldn’t like my pictures, that I wouldn’t take enough pictures, that I wouldn’t get the shots he really wanted, and that I would break the camera. So what did I do? I played the part of a crazy photographer. Not quite as crazy as paparazzi, but along those lines. I also wanted to capture some moments, so while I was taking pictures with his camera, I was also taking a few snapshots with my little camera. Once I got comfortable, there was no stopping me! I had a great time and got some AWESOME shots!! Also, to be on the safe side, I took a ton of pictures so he’d have many to choose from.

Remembering the Korean War

The assembly was awesome! Only 5th and 6th grade students attended along with Korean War Veterans, military officers, some soldiers from one of the military branches, and a military band! There were also some guys that were dressed in some interesting outfits and played the drums. They were awesome, but because of the echo and not the greatest camera for taking videos, the sound was not captured very well at all. (Warning: the sound on this video is NOT good. Mute it.)

The soldiers also performed with their guns, which was pretty cool. In one of the videos, they shot off blanks and the kids that that was the coolest thing (second video)! You can hear when they thought something was cool from the “Oooh” and “Aaah.”

At the end of the day, the principal came to get his camera from me. He gave me some compliments (in Korean) on my angles and focusing!! Yay!! Relief!!

With my principal’s giant camera!!

Friday came with the 3rd graders. I had a role-play activity planned for them and the first class did NOT like it! So for the next two classes I made up something else for them to do. The each took one of the picture cards from the back of their books. Then they went around giving them as gifts as they said “Happy birthday, this is for you.” “Thank you.” “Open the box. What is is?” “It’s a puppy. I like puppies!” Then in my favorite class, 3-1, as I was leaving half the students came up to me and gave me their card and said “Happy Birthday Brooke Teacher.” They thought it was the funnest thing and I thought it was so cute. πŸ™‚ There was also another instance of the famous boob gesture. Both the homeroom teacher and Hosun saw it and yelled at the little boy. He looked so sad.

Here is a video of the outside of my school… So beautiful. And you can hear the famous wind of Jeju. πŸ™‚

Saturday night, Karima wanted to try a restaurant by her house. She said it always smells so amazing when she walks by. When we walked in, it seemed that time stood still. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. Haha the joys of being a foreigner. We had pork galbi with the fixins and it was delicious!!!


And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to two very special ladies in my life- my little sister, Jamie and my best friend, Mikala!!!

Love you both very much!!!!!!!!!!


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