Pressure’s On!

Back to school after a vacation is never fun… Especially when Eun-mi’s big observation class is this week. We did lots of preparation and practicing Tuesday and then Wednesday before the actual observation class Wednesday afternoon. I felt fine and ready for the observation class… Until I saw person, after person, after person walk in the class to observe. The whole back of the room was full and there were people standing outside to watch as well… If I wasn’t nervous before, I was then! It went well though! We showed the video clip of Seung-oo, Mrs. Kim, and I where Mrs. Kim plays my mom. We also did an activity where the kids wrote their own text message on these big foam iPhones Eun-mi made. At the end, I was going to “send” a text message to Eun-mi saying that I left early to go to the beach and that she should join me. For this I had to sneak out of the room without the kids noticing. When Eun-mi asked where I was before she read the “text message,” she asked the kids where I was. They looked everywhere and had no idea. Haha worked perfectly. Nothing like a little drama to spice up the lesson. 🙂

Here is the video we made for the lesson…

For my after school class this week, we are studying “How many (body parts) do you have?” To start off this lesson, I had them watch a video clip from the Disney movie Monsters, Inc. You could’ve heard a pin drop! They were mesmerized by the movie!! Then they all drew their own monsters and had to ask each other questions about how many body parts their monsters had. It was a fun time! And they drew some beautiful monsters!!

Junseo tried naming his monster “Brooke,” but it came out as “Borkeowu.”

Yoonbin won’t willingly speak a lot of English, but he’ll sure give you 110% when it comes to drawing monsters!

For my 4th grade class this week, they were quite bored with the lesson that I could see. I had some extra time, so I had them stand up and we played Simon Says… They LOVED it!! When we were finished, they kept saying, “Teacher, one more time. One more time, Teacher!!” Haha I had no idea a simple game like Simon Says would go over so well.

One day after school, to celebrate that our observation classes are done, all of us English teachers went out for dinner. Going out to dinner with these ladies is always an adventure… We had duck and octopus soup! It had a little spice to it, but it was quite tasty. The duck meat was my favorite and the octopus was pretty good too! I was surprised I liked it! When it was half gone, we added ramen noodles. Then when it was nearly gone, we through some rice in the pot and had fried rice.

Duck & Ocotpus Soup!

After dinner, we were going to go to Jinyoung’s (my 5th grade co-teacher) new apartment. As custom in Korea, it is polite to bring a gift if you go to someone’s house, especially someone’s new house. On our way there, we stopped at the grocery store to grab a gift. We were going to get her toilet paper, but decided to go with a watermelon and 3 boxes of tissues instead. Not what I would have expected, but it will definitely go to good use! This house visit turned into a little girls night… I think I understood about 10% of what was being said. So I turned to the snacks for my entertainment… Hallabongs, pastry/bread thing, and watermelon. Yum!

Just like every week on Friday, I have the 3rd graders and one little boy doesn’t want to break tradition by not doing the boob gesture! He’s the only one that continues. I’m surprised he keeps doing it, because I just ignore him and don’t give any feedback besides saying “Don’t do that.” I also had a make-up class with one of my 4th grade classes. We had the class in their classroom instead of the English classroom. After Hosun and I arrived, we still had about 8 minutes before class actually started, so I had a little fun with the kids. One of the boys borrowed my classroom shoes and strutted around the classoom. I also had an intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with a few of them. It was a good time!

I also recorded a few more English broadcasts with some students. Here’s the one that was broadcasted this week.It was with Yoonseo, one of my 6th graders. 🙂

My neighbor has been practicing taekwondo and invited me to attend her blackbelt ceremony. There were kids there ranging from 5 years old to 18 years old, as a guestimation anyways. Kids were EVERYWHERE! If I had to guess, I’d say there were about 200-300 students there getting their blackbelt. Emily and I were the ONLY waygooks (foreigner, native English speaker) there. It was pretty neat to watch! I also saw one of my 4th graders there getting his blackbelt. He would come up and say hi about 25 times, but would never let me take his picture. So I had to sneak a shot whenever he walked by.

Imagine being 1 of only 2 non-Koreans in this place…

To celebrate, we went out for lunch in Shicheong (City Hall Area). We met up with her friend Harris and went to a rotating sushi restaurant. It was pretty good! They also had a few other things besides sushi. Their chicken was pretty good and they had some really good little pastry vegetable wrap things. It’s a good way to try new things and not have to order a big plate to find out if you like something. We then went out for gelato afterwards.

Later on, I was meeting a girl at the bus terminal to buy a few things from her. While I was sitting there, Jonny came in. We were chatting and found out we were both buying something from the same girl. We got our stuff and got on the bus together to head back home to Jeju Foreign Language High School. Jonny bought a pot from her. On the bus ride home, he had the pot on the floor by his feet. The bus driver must’ve made a sudden stop and the pot went rolling down the floor! Haha it made so much noise and seemed to bang around for quite a long time. EVERYBODY looked. Not that we need anymore attention being waygooks and all.


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