Osaka Castle Area

The start of our last day in Osaka. Started off early with another great breakfast provided by the hotel! After that we checked our bags at the desk so we wouldn’t have to lug them around all day! And we’re off…

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle!

Since we didn’t have time for this yesterday, we made sure it was the first thing we did today. We got there early so we just hung around and took some pictures…

Failed Attempt at Using My Ninja Skills to Break Into the Castle

Samurai Warrior…?

It’s Mine!!

He ultimately won and got to keep all the ice cream for himself… Little Jerk!

Finally at 9:00 am we were allowed to enter the Castle. It was packed with history and it held some pretty cool Samurai attire! There were some pretty intense looking helmets… Which of course, we were not allowed to take pictures of. We did get to go on the observation deck. Another great view of Osaka!

First View of Osaka from the Observation Deck

Osaka Castle Apricot Orchard

After we left the Castle, I thought it would be a good idea to have a jumping photo shoot in front of the Castle. 🙂

Jumping for Joy!

Ninja Skills at Their Best!

As we were walking out, there was a group of kids on a school field trip. They all wore these amazing red hats and they loved saying “Hello” to us. One of the kids yelled “Good Morning!” Haha cuties!

My Oh-So-Discreet Picture of Them

Our next mission was the Aqua Bus! We finally found it! Unfortunately, the tickets we had that we thought would admit us for free were only discount tickets. By this time, I was broke. No Aqua Bus for me. 😦 Instead we got some ice cream! And after about 6 licks mine fell right off the cone! The cone is the best part anyways so it wasn’t a total loss.

On our walk to the subway station we saw this…(Read the sign.)

Isn’t it ironic… Don’t ya think?


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