Osaka Bay Area Part 2 & Kansai Airport!

Since we still had a couple more hours before we had to start heading to the airport for our flight back to the Land of Wind, Women, and Stone, we decided to head to the Bay Area again to see the Osaka Maritime Museum. Well after our long commute to the Maritime Museum, it turns out to be closed… Of course it would be. So since we walked all the way down there, we figured we might as well get a picture with the cool building!


It would’ve been pretty awesome to go in. The building is completely surrounded by water(hard to tell from this picture), and you get to it by going underground.

Well since we’re in the Bay Area and we still have one more free ticket for the Ferris wheel, we shouldn’t let it go to waste. 🙂

Walking along the boardwalk and what do we see?

One of the things that I thought was awesome about this city was the number of bicycles! And everyone rides one!! It was not uncommon to see a woman in a short dress/skirt wearing 4-inch stilettos riding a bike. Haha but they were EVERYWHERE!


And more bicycles!

Now it’s time to head to Kansai Airport and back to Jeju!!

Domo is a little nervous for his first plane ride, but excited to go home! 🙂

Bye-bye Osaka!!


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