Kita Area of Osaka!

The Floating Garden Observatory!

The Floating Garden Observatory on the Umeda Sky Building!

Without question, this is my favorite place in Osaka!! It took a lot of work to get here, but to me, it was worth it! I wanted to go to the observatory deck after the sunset to see what Osaka looked like at night… And it was BEAUTIFUL!! It turned out to be quite the popular date spot for Japanese couples. We saw some gorgeous views from the top and I’m so glad my awesome new camera was able to capture the views!! (Still doesn’t do it justice, but better than I’ve ever seen a camera do before!)

There were also some black lights up on the observatory deck that helped light up the floor… So we had a little fun with that…

Having Fun with the Black Lights and the Floor!

Just Chillin…

While we were here, I noticed the number 173 everywhere…

173…173…173…What does this mean?!

Turns out, that’s how far off the ground the observatory deck is… 173 meters.

That is… really tall!

Well after spending the last 16 hours running around Osaka, we decided to call it a day.

Day 2: Complete


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