First Visit to Osaka Castle Area: I was really looking forward to the Osaka Castle Area… There is, of course, the Osaka Castle and the Aqua Bus Aqua Liner! Seeing as Osaka is known as Aqua Metropolis, I figured going on a boat of some sorts was a must! At the first place we tried, they were booked for the rest of the day, which was actually only one more ride. (We got to this area later in the day.)Well if I don’t get on a boat, I at least got a nice picture with one!

Osaka: Aqua Metropolis

Then we headed for Osaka Castle. By this time, my feet were absolutely KILLING me from all the walking we had done all day! I suggested we sit down on a bench somewhere and take our shoes off and relax for a little bit. Plus, it was about 4:45 pm and the Castle closed at 5:00 pm. I didn’t want to be rushed through.

While we were sitting there, a Japanese man drove by on his bicycle and stopped dead in his tracks right in front of us. He seemed a little excited and had trouble putting his kickstand down because he was so excited! He ran right up to Derek and said “France?!” Derek chuckled a little and said “No, Canada.” The man then said “Ooooh!! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!” as he shook both my and Derek’s hands. He continued to ask Derek questions and every time (EVERY TIME) after Derek would answer each question, the man would say “Oooooh!! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!” as he shook both of our hands. One of the questions he asked Derek was “Me, you.. Best friends?” I’ve never seen anyone more excited than this man after Derek replied “Sure.” Haha this man was a hoot! Then he wanted a picture… There was some confusion and a lot of passing of his disposable camera until a picture was finally taken. He got a picture with me and that was it. My biggest regret of the trip is not getting a picture with this man with one of our cameras!


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