Welcome to Osaka!

Thank you to Buddha’s birth, we were gifted with a 3-day weekend. My friend, Derek, and I made plans to visit Osaka, Japan! bye bye Jeju!!

Bye bye Hallasan!!

**Yes, I do realize my phone and all other electronics should have been off at this point, but when they only say it in Korean I have a good excuse to not follow the rules because I have no idea what they’re saying. 🙂

We couldn’t get a flight until Saturday afternoon, which I thought would give some time to explore after we landed… I was mistaken. We landed at 4:30pm and after going through customs, currency exchange (1,000 won=52.8 yen), bathroom break (more on this in a minute), train ride, tram ride, and communicating with the locals, we finally got to our hotel at about 8:00 pm! I never would’ve imagined it would take that long. It was basically too late to do any touristy stuff, so we decided to go to dinner and call it a night. Well I found out there was a Hard Rock Cafe on the Universal Studios City Walk, so off we were. This also took a lot longer than expected! Considering this was our first day using public transportation, it was kind of expected. We quickly found out that there are many people in Osaka that speak English and are very eager and willing to help clueless tourists like ourselves! Even if people couldn’t speak English, they would try their hardest to help us out any way they could. A shout out to all the people who helped us find our way… You are AMAZING!!! We finally made it to the tram station that would take us to Universal Studios and this is what we saw…

You think this is the tram that goes to Universal Studios?

The whole train was decked out with different characters that are featured at Universal Studios! Quite the colorful tram. Then it was another loooong walk to finally get to City Walk from the tram station. At this point, it had been about 10 hours before we had eaten anything besides a small bag of chips at the airport in Jeju. Then we saw it… The giant neon guitar and it never looked soooo good!!


Then of course there was a line to get in… At 9:30 pm at night?! We got seated at 10:00 pm and both ordered the same thing… A big, fat, juicy cheeseburger and fries! While we were there, we heard some hoots and hollers from the other side of the restaurant. It turns out someone was having their wedding reception there. Haha what?! Who has their wedding reception at a Hard Rock Cafe?!

Then we headed back to our hotel for the night. On our way back, Derek was asking a girl for direction. She spoke English very well, but I started to notice that she was giving us directions back to the airport. Suddenly I realized we were at a tram station that I recognized so I yelled to Derek that we had to get off. He continued to ask her questions while I stood outside the tram on the platform. He finally got off a second before the doors closed. It turns out I was right! And we made it back to the hotel safely.

Day 1: Complete


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