Chodado Supreme!!

Tuesday, May 15th is Teacher’s Day, but Monday after school the parent organization held a sports thing for the teachers. Of course everyone knew about this except for me (I have learned that there is a lot of assuming going on where just because everyone else gets the emails, they assume the foreign teacher does too… not true. And even if I did get the emails, I wouldn’t be able to read them. This has caused much frustration when I found out important information at the last minute.), so I am the only teacher there wearing my teacher clothes and without tennis shoes for this sports extraveganza. It was fun! The first activity was hula hooping. Since I can’t keep a hula hoop up to save my life, I passed on this activity. Then we did this one activity where there are two teams and everyone holds hands. Then the people at the end of each team hold hands with the other team’s end people. There is a soccer ball put in the middle and each team tries to get it through the legs of the other team. Kind of crazy and I’m sure a few shins got kicked… Probably would’ve been more fun if the guy next to me would’ve let me touch the ball. After that we played dodgeball, but it wasn’t quite like dodgeball that I’ve played before. For this game, we must stay in bounds and there is only one ball in play at first. People that get out can go out of bounds behind their opposing team and if they get a ball, they can throw it at the opposing team. So if you are still in, you have to be careful to watch the opposing team in front of you AND the people of the same opposing team that are out of bounds behind you. No big deal, but I was one of the final 3 people standing and our team won! Finally, we played volleyball! The rules are also different… You pick a spot on the court and you stay there. You only go to the back of the court when it’s your turn to serve, but there is no rotating. They let all the women serve from half court, and they insisted that I do the same. I said I’ll serve from where I’m suppose to serve and they were amazed that I got it over the net! Haha I had some students come up to me over the next couple days trying to tell me how awesome I was at volleyball. If only I were that amazing. At the end, all the teachers were given a gift of Dove body wash… Won’t be needing to buy body wash at all for the rest of the year. 🙂

Teacher’s Day was not as exciting as I had expected. Apparently it’s not a huge deal at my school… Eun-mi and I received a gift from one of our 6th grade classes. It was pretty tasty.

A couple of the sticks had already been eaten at this point. Eun-mi couldn’t help herself. 🙂

One of my after school classes was really fun this week! My co-teacher played a game with the kids that involved them playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and if they win they can grow from an egg to a chick to a hen to a rooster. It was hilarious seeing the kids run around like chickens. They made the noises and everything and got really into it. One of the many times I wish I had brought my camera to class!

Hosun and I received belated Teacher’s Day treats from one of our 4th graders… I really think it was just a random gift, but nonetheless, it was tasty!

Flower Sucker! Yum!

The 3rd graders in all my classes were being so sweet today! I got a lot of hugs and so many girls wanted to hold my hand… Haha what’s going on? They’re always cute and sweet, but today they’re being a little extra sweet! I love it! And as tradition, a boy in my 3-1 class does the infamous gesture. I just said “Don’t do that” in a very stern voice and he just smiled and went to sit down.

Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball Tournament

The foundation that holds the tournament is called Jeju Furey. A few years ago, a foreigner that was living on Jeju passed away. He had a Korean wife and two young kids. So other foreigners put together a beach volleyball tournament to raise money for the two kids to go to college when they are older. After a few tournaments, they exceeded their goal but decided to continue the tournament. Now the funds raised help out families in need on the island. It’s for a great cause and it is a lot of fun!! It was a 2 day tournament. The first day of games just determines our seed for the actual tournament on Sunday. My team did pretty decent, but started lacking motivation towards the end of the tournament. We lost our last game in the C bracket (or B bracket… I can’t remember) semi-final game. Our team name was Chodado Supreme, picked by our amazing captain, Evan!

Gorgeous Saturday Night Sunset!!

Here is the link to the article written about the tournament:

Team Chodado Supreme in Action! Go Evan, Lauren, Ben, Jen, Max, and Brooke!! 🙂

After our team was out of the tournament, I didn’t want to stick around any longer. I was tired and sunburnt and just wanted to go home. I was going to head to the bus stop and make my way back. Well, I went the wrong way to the bus stop… But I felt like I was still going in the right direction and everything was looking familiar, so I just kept going. I finally came across a bus stop, but according to the schedule, there was only one bus that came to that stop and it would not take me anywhere near where I needed to go. I figured it was too late to turn around, so I just kept walking and walking and walking. I walked for a LONG time! After probably walking for about 5 kilometers (uphill), I came to a road I knew! And I was already halfway home! Haha so I was heading to the bus stop when a Korean man on a bicycle stops me and tries to help me find my way. I kept trying to explain that I knew where I was going. He even got out his map and asked me where I needed to go. I showed him and then he asked me where I needed to go. He kept telling me I was pointing to the wrong place on the map (I wasn’t) and he insisted that where I needed to go was on the southwestern side of the island (where my school is). I just kept telling him I know where I’m going, but with the language barrier, he had didn’t understand. After about 10 minutes, he told me to go to the bus stop up the road, where I had originally been heading until he stopped me. Then a few minutes later, he shows up at the bus stop! Ugh! Thank you sooo much for trying to help, but it’s okay! Finally, he went on his merry way and didn’t check in on me anymore. And I made it home! 🙂


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