Tuesday, May 8th is Parent’s Day. For my after school class, I had them make Parent’s Day cards. They wrote a little message in English with my help and then many of them also wrote a little message in Korean. There was an extra card, so I made one for my mama and papa! I wrote the same message and then had all my students sign it. I assumed they would write their name in Korean, but when they heard me say “sign it” they decided to do their “signature”… Which turned out just to be scribbles. Haha

My Artwork!

Their beautiful signatures!


Karima and I decided we are not going to go to the Korean class anymore. We feel we don’t gain anything when we go. Instead we’re going to study on our own together once or twice a week over dinner.

My new camera came!! Ah I’m so excited! I ordered a DSLR camera! I’ve always wanted one and finally decided to get one. Best gift to myself ever! 🙂

Treated myself!

Boob gestures from the 3rd graders continue for the 5th week in a row. This time it was the boy who originally started it… BUSTED!! My co-teacher saw and yelled at him. He said “Sorry, Brooke Teacher.” I wonder if this will stop him.

Gapado (Gapa Island)

Saturday, May 12th, Max, Jen, and I took the bus down to Daejeong to catch the ferry to Gapado. The Barley Festival is currently being held there. The island is known for it’s fields of barley and started a festival 4 or 5 years ago to celebrate. The island is very small and has one of the Olle trails on it. As they say, kill two birds with one stone. The ferry there was a little rough. Jen tends to get sea sick, so we stayed on the deck so she could have some air… Not the best idea. It was windy that day and the waves were a little rough. We go pretty wet!

On the ferry before it left the harbor… As you can see, it’s a little windy!

On the ferry when we got to Gapado… It may be hard to tell, but we’re wet, the wind did a number to my hair, and Jen isn’t too happy.


We took the Olle trail around the tiny island, which turned out to be approximately 7 kilometers. It took us about 2 hours. It was extremely windy all day, but it was a beautiful time! The barley fields had already turned from green to gold, so it was really pretty to see the waves of gold! We also had a nice view of Sanbangsan on Jeju. I also saw Chaerim, one of my 6th grade girls! It was a nice chill day on Gapado, just walking around and taking pictures.


Passed a nice little stone and fan garden on our walk.

Spinning around like a helicopter and putting the H-pad to good use!



On Sunday, we went to Iho beach again to sift sand and play a little volleyball! Nice way to end the weekend. 🙂


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