My favorite student, Jun-hyung (whom I like to call Crazy), got in trouble today. His punishment from Eun-mi was to go on his toes and his knuckles with his bum up in the air. It looked like it would hurt the knuckles pretty bad… Poor little guy.

Desk warming day! I knew my 6th grade classes were cancelled for some testing, but I wasn’t told my 5th grade classes would also be cancelled. Let the desk warming begin. I sat at my desk all day and made a bunch of flash cards for some Korean words and phrases I would like to learn. Glad I finally had time to do that. Then I went on a random little teacher outing to the 5-Day Market in Daejeong (the town my school is in) with Eun-mi and Mrs. Kim. We got some delicious hoduk, Eun-mi got this yellow fruit (I can’t remember what it’s called), and I got some hallabongs. Mrs. Kim bought a bunch of hoduk for everyone back at school. Ah it’s sooooo good!! While we were there, I also tried another little treat. It was some kind of roll with glass noodles inside. It wasn’t too bad, but I think it would be better when it comes right out of the deep fryer.

After one of my after school classes this week, a woman walked in with a box. Junseo, one of the 4th graders in my class, introduced her as his mother. She handed me the box, it was a sweet potato cake from Paris Baguette. I assumed this was for me and Suim (my co-teacher for after school) to share and to say thank you. I thought it was not uncommon for parents to bring gifts for teachers. Junseo’s mother and Suim talked for a little bit. Come to find out, the cake is just for me. Here’s the story… Junseo has a little brother, Junhyuk (1st grader), who is too little to stay home by himself. So Junhyuk comes to after school class with Junseo. Apparently, their parents told little Junhyuk to sit in the back of class and be quiet and be good. Well I didn’t know this. I had included him in all our activities and printed off an extra worksheet for him for all our classes. When report cards had to be done for after school, I also made one for Junhyuk. The cake was a way to say thank you for always including him and because the boys always have so much fun in the after school class. I thought this was great! It felt so good. Later on when all my other co-teachers saw the cake, they asked how I got it. I explained to them and they were all very surprised. They don’t often see a parent give a gift to a teacher and have never seen a parent give a gift to a foreign teacher… After hearing this, I was very touched. I love being a teacher! The cake wasn’t too bad either! 🙂

Yummy sweet potato cake!!

For my 4th grade classes, I made a simple board game… They LOVED it!! I think it’s great that they have soooo much fun with the simplest activities! Makes my job a whole lot easier!

My co-teachers have started a little English speaking challenge amongst themselves. They have to memorize and recite 2 English articles every week. The articles also come with the Korean translation, and they asked if I’d like to join. I decided it would be a good idea! I only have to do 2 sentences for every article though. It should be fun.

So it continues… The 4th week in a row that one of my 3rd grade boys has made a gesture about my boobs. I finally just said “Don’t do that.” He kept saying “What?” claiming he didn’t understand. Finally I just said “Ajima.” (Korean for “Don’t do that.”) This amazed him that I spoke Korean! So what does he do? He keeps doing the gesture just so I would speak Korean… Totally backfired! Haha oh man! And of course he did this in front of the whole class so he could show them all that I knew Korean. So, of course, after class they all come up to me and ask me questions in Korean, assuming if I know one word I can understand everything they’re saying. Oh 3rd graders…

Saturday, May 5th was Children’s Day, which is a pretty big deal here. I was going down to Jungmun beach, on the southern part of the island, for the afternoon. When I got on the bus, it was PACKED!! So I got off and waited for the next one. When the next one came, it was PACKED too! So I just got on. The highway was crazy busy and really slow moving. Apparently, there was some big event going on at the horse race track down the road for Children’s Day. Finally made it down to the beach. Hung out with some people, found some sea glass and some shells, and then went to Krazy Burger for some delicious food! When I got home, I was BURNT! I guess from now on I should use a lot more sunscreen than what I did.

The damage is done! Ouch!

I am in a volleyball tournament coming up. The beach we play on is covered with rocks! So in order to prepare for the tournament, we have to sift through the sand of all 10 courts to get as many rocks out as we can. Not the most fun way to spend your time, but we got to play afterwards. The sunburn did not make for a comfortable time.  But it was a good day!

A beautiful end to the weekend… Sunset at Iho on Sunday!


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