First Doctors Visit

After the yoga retreat, I felt really motivated to start running everyday. I started running Monday morning, then Tuesday and Wednesday morning. It felt really good and I thought I was on a roll! Then Wednesday morning I tripped… On flat ground out on the track. The way I fell, I thought my ankle would hurt really bad, but it didn’t at all… Until later. I was sitting at my computer at school and about an hour before lunch time, my ankle started hurting a little bit. It really wasn’t that bad at first, but it kept getting worse and worse. I then told my co-teachers that I’d like to get some ice. Had it on there for a while and my ankle eventually just started throbbing with pain, almost to the point of tears. All my co-teachers were extremely worried about me and thought my ankle was broken. I said it was fine and I’ll be alright. They continued to express their concern, saying that I should really go to the doctor. I eventually gave in. I was not excited about going. I knew it wasn’t broken and that it was probably just sprained, and I didn’t want to pay a bunch of money for a doctor to tell me what I already knew. We got to a little clinic near the school and sat in the waiting room. The receptionist said the doctor was out to lunch and would be back in 20 minutes… Sure. The waiting room was full and I was nervous that this little doctor visit was going to take too long. I asked Eun-mi if waiting in a doctor’s office in Korea is anything like it is in the States… She had a very confused look on her face, and I soon found out why. The doctor came back in 20 minutes, just like the receptionist said, and within the next 7 minutes I saw the doctor and was out the door… What just happened?! I was just in a doctor’s office (with a full waiting room) for less than half an hour !! And 20 minutes of that was only because the doctor was on lunch. The doctor’s visit cost me 3,800 won (approximately a little more than $3) and the pills were 2,000 won (less than $2), and I’m pretty sure my insurance hasn’t even kicked in yet! This is amazing! At the pharmacy, a couple of my students were there (their parents run the pharmacy) and one of them gave both Eun-mi and I a little bottle of Vitamin C juice.

Korean Remedy for a Sprained Ankle… Pain Reliever, Muscle Relaxer, and a Mystery Pill!

Karima and I tried out the free Korean class again. Another 2 hours of Korean… I do find it very difficult to concentrate on Korean for a full two hours when I don’t understand a good majority of what’s being said. It takes a lot of energy to focus and try so hard to understand. Then afterwards, Karima and I got rides home from the teachers. That was nice of them!

After a little business trip to Jeju-si to take care of my tax exemption papers, Eun-mi and I went to Shi-cheong (City Hall) and did a little shopping and got some dinner. We were looking for a galbi place, but couldn’t find one. Instead, we went to a bulgogi place! Oh yum!! It was delicious!! It was totally worth walking around on my sprained ankle!

My Favorite Korean Meal… Bulgogi and the Works! (The steamed egg they serve here is really good too!!)

Fridays with the 3rd graders…They are sweet, as always. The boob gestures continue, but this time it was a different boy from the same class making the gestures. Again, I just ignored it and went to the back of the room as Hosun started class. Hopefully, this will just stop as long as I don’t make a big deal about it.

I did my first English Broadcast this week! It was with little Eun-he, the smallest 6th grader. She’s so cute! And she was so nervous while we were recording, she started crying a little bit. Poor thing. Good thing these are pre-recorded! 🙂

It should be noted that there does not seem be a law for maximum capacity on busses in Korea, and if there is, it is NOT followed!! I got onto a bus after getting home from school on Friday to go into the city. When I got on, it was PACKED!! All the seats were taken and the aisle was crammed. I got on with 2 or 3 other people, and we were right at the edge of the steps. Then at the next bus stop there were about 15 people waiting to get on. I was surprised he even stopped to let people on, but he let five more people on and then said no to the rest of them. Though, I think if he wouldn’t have said anything, all of them would’ve still tried to get on! Craziness!

Udo Island

For a side note, “-do” means “island” in Korean. So I’m really saying island twice, but just want to verify for those of you that are not familiar with the Korean language. 🙂

I met some friends down in Seogwipo (the city on the southern side of the island), and we headed to Udo (east of Jeju Island)  for Sunday Funday! We took the ferry over, which took about 20-30 minutes I think. On the ferry, I wanted to take some pictures and realized a very important detail… I had my camera, but my battery was still plugged in charging at home! Oops! Good thing my new Smart phone takes decent pictures! Once we got to the island, we rented bicycles and an ATV. Leona and Becca shared the ATV, while Sarah, Derek, and I pedaled ourselves around the island. Our first stop was a little beach tourist trap. We hung out at the beach for a while, found some sea glass and a couple seashells. Then we headed up to one of the little restaurants and had some hallabong ice cream! It was delicious!!

It took a long time to capture this photot, but I finally got it!

We also stopped at a lighthouse for a picture op. All over the island, there were sea plants laying out to dry. We also saw some haenyos. These are ladies, in their 40s-70s, who dive for shellfish and other sea creatures and plants to sell. These are some amazing women, and I’ve heard they can be quite feisty if they see you diving for shellfish and stealing their profits!

Haenyos! You can see their heads… The little black dots by the big orange buoys that hold their baskets.

We stopped at a little Pirate Cafe on the other side of the island. It was pretty cool! There was pirate stuff everywhere! We stopped for a little drink of coffee (I passed… Still not a coffee drinker) and then afterwards, they gave us a little sign that we could draw on and hang on the wall outside. We also hung out at the beach across the street for a little bit! 🙂

The Pirate Cafe… Arrgghh der maties!

Then we stopped at some sea cliffs and walked down the stairs to the beach. There were some caves off to the side that we explored! It was beautiful! There were also some other caves that not many people go to. The views inside the cave and views of the ocean from inside the cave were stunning! Then it was a race back to the ferry!

Sea cliffs… Quite large, but probably hard to tell from the picture.