Everyday Life Goes On..

Losing Roxy has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in my life, but I know the best thing is to keep going on with everyday life. Living in this wonderful place, it was quite easy to find things to distract myself, but my little punkin was never far from my mind. After coming home from school the next day, my neighbor was sitting on her balcony. She saw me and asked how it was going. She could sense something was wrong, so she invited me over for drinks to talk. I told her about my horrible night… We invited some more people over and we all sat on her porch and chatted and ate some of the many different kinds of chips our two little convenience stores have to offer. It turned out to be a fun night and a much needed distraction. Thank you Emily!

Karima and I finally made it to the free Korean class at the Immigration Center… Talk about Korean overload!! Two whole hours of Korean was a lot to take in. I now know how many of my students feel when I talk to them, although I hope I don’t talk as fast as the lady at the Immigration Center. About 90% of those two hours was Korean! Occasionally, she would speak English if we really weren’t understanding what she was trying to say.

We had a day off of school this week!! Woo hoo! I slept in for a little while, then met up with Karima at a coffee shop. We just hung out there all day and did random things… Wrote letters, finished projects for school, read books, checked email, etc. It was nice and relaxing. Then later on we went out for some samgyeopsal… Oh so yummy!!

Grillin’ up some samgyeopsal!!

I recieved another gift! This time from a 4th grade student. Then she came back to trade. Apparently, the one she originally gave me was one that she wanted to keep and gave me a different one. Haha

From Yaeri! About an inch by inch sticker that she colored herself. 🙂

Friday the 13th! I love Fridays!! My favorite thing about Friday (besides it being the last day of the week) is that I get to teach 3rd graders. They are the cutest little things EVER! I walk into the classroom and they all scream “Brooke!!!!!!!!” They all run up and gather around me and ask me all these questions (in Korean) and hold my hand and just stand there and smile at me. Haha I feel like such a celebrity! Though this Friday was a little unlike other Fridays… One of my 3rd grade boys walks up to me and makes an interesting gesture. As he is saying “Hello Buuuh-roooke,” he sticks out his hip and makes round hand motions by his chest. I said, “What?” He did the same exact thing again. On the outside, I pretend I don’t understand what he did and just walk to the back of the classroom as my co-teacher starts class… On the inside, I am dying laughing! Hahahahaha!!! Oh boy.

I also had to help out with Science Day on Friday for grades 4-6 when I wasn’t teaching the 3rd graders. In the room I was helping out in, we made some helicopters! It was pretty fun. Though, we soon found out that we should have things pre-cut because the 4th graders were taking over half the time to make the stencil and cut out the paper.

Working Hard!

Yoga Retreat!

After school on Friday, I gathered my things quickly and headed to town to meet some people to go to the yoga retreat. The retreat was held at a little place up on the mountain. The drive up there was extremely foggy! We could barely see anything in front of us, lights or no lights. The first night was pretty low-key because not everyone could get there until late Friday night. We started bright and early Saturday morning with a yoga session before breakfast. It was a pretty relaxed session to wake ourselves up and stretch. My favorite position of this session was the tree. Towards the end, we did the corpse pose. You just lay there… Very peaceful and relaxing. Well, it would’ve been if it weren’t for the Korean couple arguing outside and then someone hocking a big loogie.

Tree Pose

After breakfast, we had an awesome session! We did a lot of really intense poses and you could really feel the stretch. Ahh it felt so good! At one point, Sarah said we were going to move into the pigeon pose (which is my favorite) and I couldn’t help but let out a not-so-quiet “Yes!” Then to end, we did the bird of paradise pose… Awesome pose!! (Picture to come as soon as my friend emails it to me! In the meantime, Google it.) I almost got my leg straight up. Very cool!

Then we had lunch, and to give our bodies time to digest, we had a discussion time on energy and then a meditation session. Out of all the sessions we had that weekend, meditation was the hardest! You are supposed to sit there and just be. Well I couldn’t. My mind kept wandering to anything and everything I could think of, my legs cramped up and fell asleep… It was just not easy staying still for very long. After that, we did a small group breakout session where we talked about 5 questions we were given. I’m not allowed to say what we talked about, but the rules were really hard to follow. If a person was talking, you were not allowed to interact with them… No eye contact, no physical contact, no nodding of the head, nothing. Just listening. It’s very difficult to not give any feedback, but it was also kind of hard just sitting there and listening to yourself talk and no one giving you any feedback. We realized that when we talk, we look for that a lot… Just people nodding their heads or a smile or something. And after Roxy passing this week, let’s just say it was a rough session for me to get through.

The groups then came back together and we started Acro-Yoga! Very fun session!! It’s a partner yoga where one person is the base and the other person is the flier.  Just imagine playing airplane when you were a kid. It was so much fun! It does take a lot of balance and definitely some getting used to, but we had a good time with it.

Click here to see our instructors demonstrate Acro-Yoga!

Acro Yoga: me and Sarah!

Later on, it was our room’s turn to do dinner. We made tofu burritos. Karima made the tofu, and she marinated it in something… Oh my goodness, was it ever good!! Because it was a vegetarian menu for the whole weekend, I wasn’t too excited. But this meal was delicious!! After that, we had a singing session to finish off the day, which was led by David. David is probably the most unique person I’ve ever met. He leads a nomadic lifestyle and he’s a very interesting person! He’s hard to explain… Just one of those people you have to meet in order to understand.

We started off Sunday with an early morning session. I was so sore from the day before! We did a lot of salutation poses to the sun and a pose for all the zodiac signs. My favorite was the dolphin pose. Then we had a delicious breakfast and then a group closing session.

It was  a FANTASTIC weekend!! Thank you to Mary for putting it all together and everyone else that was a part of it!


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