Terrible Tuesdays…

Since I started working at Daejeong Elementary School, Tuesdays are my long, rough days. To start off, I have two 5th grade classes (demons disguised as cute little Korean kids!), then four classes of 6th graders, and then after school class. If you think your kids are bad, come to one of my 5th grade classes on Tuesday mornings. These kids are TERRIBLE!! It’s basically a select few that are really terrible, but the rest of the kids don’t listen very well and talk the whole time. In one class, there are these two little guys that are best buds… A.k.a. Partners in Crime. They are ALWAYS late to class by about 10-15 minutes… The teacher does nothing. Well they were being naughty, as usual, and were sent to the back of the class together. I feel that this is a recipe for disaster. I noticed they were digging through the shelves and talking, so I went to the back of the class to monitor while Jin-young was teaching. To my utter shock and amazement, they were quizzing each other..?!?! Am I dreaming?!? They were quizzing each other with little English flash cards!

The second 5th grade class was… Well I’ll let you make up your own mind. This one boy, Hyun-joon, hates me and everyone else on the planet besides his little buddies! He was being really naughty, so I went to the back of the class to stand near him hoping he would behave a little more. He didn’t like that very much. So whined and cried to Jin-young, I’m assuming about me standing near him. Then he starts shoving a desk, really hard, into a girl that’s in his group. I yelled at him a couple times and told him to stop, because first of all, it’s not nice and second of all, it’s really hurting her! Meanwhile, my co-teacher seems completely oblivious to all this. Then he starts kicking her really hard right in the shin. I step between him and her, but then he just starts walking around the classroom… Randomly taking kids’ books and pencils and throwing them on the floor. He’d grab bouncy balls and kick them all around the classroom. He’d take other toys and just throw them. Co-teacher still not doing anything. Then it’s my turn to teach my part of the lesson, and finally after trying to help me explain the game I made she finally sees it! For the last 10 minutes of class, she makes all the students stand up and hold their hands straight out in front of them for the rest of class as she yells at them. If any students (besides Hyun-joon, who basically had his arms down the whole time) lowered their arms even just a little bit, she would walk over and hit their arms. Some kids were crying and they all looked just miserable. Just a thought, but I feel that if something was done sooner, it wouldn’t have had to go this far.

In the 6th grade classes, we had Show & Tell this week. It was pretty fun! I was recording the students, and one boy, who was sitting in the back close to the camera, kept making faces at the camera. Haha he was winking and giving the eyebrow lift like he was flirting. Haha too funny! One girl brought a yo-yo. So I asked her if I could see it to see if I could still do some yo-yo tricks I learned back in the day. I can still do the “Clock Tower.” The response from the students to that was “Unbelievable!” Hearing them say that with their little Korean accents is the cutest thing!

In one of the 6th grade classes, apparently one boy was talking and making bad comments the whole time during class. Eun-mi must have really good ears because I can’t hear the kid talk when he’s a foot away, he’s so quiet. He got three warning from her in class: first- put your head down, second- stand at your desk, and third- stand at the back of the classroom. After class, he was given a punishment. She kept yelling in his face and then would hit his chest pretty hard (he was wearing his winter coat, so he at least had a little padding) and poke him in the forehead. Punishment is handled a little differently hear than it is where I come from.

Because our school had donated some money recently to help start one of the international schools, North London Collegiate School, we were invited to their musical, Disco Inferno. It was really fun to watch. It was all in English, except for the song “I Will Survive.” Halfway through the song, she started singing it in Korean. All the actors and actresses were mostly Korean, so it was pretty cool that they did so well speaking English throughout the musical. I loved hearing all the 70’s music! It was really neat, but seemed to last FOREVER! I started getting a headache towards the end. At the end, we were given a gift bag for coming. A nice canvas bag, a nice little coffee mug, and a notepad were inside. I got a ride home from one of my co-teachers… Let’s just say I should have brought my motion sickness pills. I almost saw my seafood noodles again. She would constantly put her foot on and off the accelerator and never even hit the speed limit. It was a long way home!

Before the Show Started…

The morning after the musical, I was exhausted! Didn’t get home til late so got less sleep than I’m used to. I also woke up to a bunch of messages from Jessica. Somethings wrong! My poor little Roxy had to have emergency surgery on her uterus. There was an abscess and her uterus had to be removed. She’s very tiny, 10 pounds, and when they took the uterus out and weighed it, it was 2 pounds! Poor little thing. She made it out of surgery fine. Not cheap! But I said I’ll pay anything if it means I can see her when I get back!

Booked my tickets to Osaka, Japan! With A LOT of help from Eun-mi! She is amazing and soo unbelievably helpful!!

Happy Easter! 

I got to Skype with Mikala this morning, which was really nice! Then afterwards, I headed into town to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival with Karima… Our way of celebrating Easter! It was lovely and the first warm day we’ve had since we’ve been to Jeju! And there were a ton of people there! It was held in the sports stadium behind the bus terminal. The flowers were gorgeous and reminded me of snow-covered trees, which is quite rare in such warm weather! (For those that don’t know, the flowers only blossom once a year and only last a couple weeks.)

Karima & I and Beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees!

They’re ready for their close up! 🙂


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