Another week of school starts, and I have a good feeling about it!

With the 6th graders, we made name tags. Hangul (the Korean alphabet) on one side, then the romanization of their names on the other side. I’m hoping this helps me with remembering their names. Eun-mi and I were going around helping kids that didn’t know the romanization of their name. When they would ask me, I had them first write their name in Hangul so I could figure out how to write it in English. Many of them were SHOCKED that I could read Hangul!

Tuesdays start off very rough with 2 of my 5th grade classes. They are a few boys in each class that are soooo naughty. My co-teacher seems to have trouble handling them, and when I ask what I can do she just smiles and says, “It’s okay, Brooke. You can just sit down.” It’s NOT okay! These boys are disrupting the whole class and barely being punished for it. It’s very frustrating because there is only so much I can do with the language barrier as it is. On the other hand, the one 5th grade class I have on Wednesdays are ANGELS!! It’s such a relief.

My after school class, English Conversation with Brooke Teacher, started this week. I teach with one of the Korean English teacher aides, Suim, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We have a great group of students! They range in grades from 3rd-5th grade. There are 15 students that signed up for the class, but only about 9 or 10 showed up.

Junseo and Seungwon

Teresa and Minjeong… BFFs!

Since I now have my ARC card, I’m able to get internet!! They came this week to set it up and they told Eun-mi that there would be no one with that would speak English, so she handled all the details on the phone. It turns out they DID send someone along who spoke English. He was actually born and raised in Daejeong, the town where I teach! He was pretty cool! And before he left, he did something on my computer and now the internet is faster! Not as fast as he would like it, but compared to what I was used to, it’s quite wonderful! And thanks to my lovely internet, I was able to Skype with my dad, Jessica, and Jamie and my mama this week for the first time since I’ve been in Jeju!

Also, I received my first gift from 체림 (Chaerim), a 6th grade girl!

First Gift From a Student!

I normally take a carpool to and from school each day with Eun-mi, Mr. Yang, and Mrs. Lee. I usually only talk to Eun-mi because the other two teachers don’t speak English very well… I think they do, but are not very confident in their English abilities. One day this week, Eun-mi and Mrs. Lee were staying after school to get some work done, so I had to ride home alone with Mr. Yang. He sent Eun-mi an email beforehand to tell me that he’s sorry for not talking. But he DID talk!! I was shocked! He spoke English very well. He didn’t say a lot, but what he did say was very clear and easy to understand. 🙂

Thursday: My day to redeem myself with Hosun, my 3rd & 4th grade co-teacher. I am teaching 4th grade with her today. After our little incident last week, she told me the lessons I would have to do for the next week (this week) on Friday before school got out. I would be teaching the 4th graders about “In, On, Under, etc.” I showed students hand gestures for all the words we were learning and then we played a game where I would say a word and they had to show me with their hands, and we went faster and faster! They really liked it. Then I did a demonstration and asked students where an object was and they would tell me. For this, I would ask 1 student from each class to help me. For the demonstration, I used a little garbage can with “garbage” (crumpled balls of paper) in it. The last demonstration would be me saying “The garbage is ON the student!” as I dumped the garbage on my little helper. The kids LOVED it! And after my first lesson, Hosun said to me “Perfect!” Then after the classes she was all smiles and kept telling me how awesome my lesson was. Ahh Sweet REDEMPTION!! (Thanks for the lovely idea from our lessons during orientation Alex, Sarah, and Jonathon!)

Also, we got our first pay check this week!! I am now a Korean millionaire!! 🙂

For the weekend, we went to the Vagina Monologues! It was an event put on by some women from the foreigner community who tell stories of women, some fun and happy and some very sad. All the money that is raised during this event goes toward the women’s shelter on the island! I made a good contribution by buying several “vagina cookies!”


We also went to the foreigners’ market. A bunch of foreigners get together on a Sunday afternoon in a park and sell crafts and food and just hang out. I got some really good freshly squeezed apple juice!

100% Pure Organic Apple Juice… And it was oh-so-good!


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