Getting Settled

Well my Alien Registration Card (ARC) is finally finished! Now I’m able to get internet, a phone, and a bank account. Woo hoo! The bank account was first… I feel like I had to punch in my pin code a dozen times, but I finally have a bank account!! (With no money in it.) Then we went to get my phone. We checked out a couple different stores to compare prices. We decided with LG. It took a lot longer than expected. I told Eun-mi I wanted the cheapest phone, and it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. They had the little dinky flip phones there, but it turns out that the free phone is an Android. A Smart Phone with touchscreen that makes me feel not-so-smart. Oh how I miss my full keyboard! Every phone that I’ve had in the past that had any touchscreen functions has failed me… We’ll see how this one works out.

March 14th is White Day, which is the equivalent the Valentine’s Day. One of my co-teachers got these almond-hard candy treats from her son that she shared with us… That was my first time ever having an almond, and maybe even my first time having a nut.

The last minute society: Korea is known as the last minute society, which I didn’t really understand until one Friday morning. I got to school at 8:25 and sat at my desk. I had nothing else to do, no lessons to plan or anything, so I just bummed around on Facebook and played Spider Solitaire. Classes start at 9:00. At about 8:50, my 3rd grade co-teacher comes up and asks what I have planned for Lesson 1 today. This was the first time I heard that I was supposed to plan the lesson for today. So I sat there and said I don’t have anything. Then she opens the text book and says “This lesson,” as if that is going to remind me of this conversation that we never had. I told her I will think of something. She then told me I had to fill 15 minutes of class. The lesson I had to do was teach the 3rd graders a song that was 6 lines long, lasted 40 seconds, and only said “Hello” and “Good bye.” During our first class, I did everything I could think of and then looked at my co-teacher after 8 minutes and said I don’t know what else to do… Her exact words, “I’ll cover it today, but from now on you really need to be prepared.” I don’t really like to admit it all the time, but I tend to be a people-please (especially for my teachers and superiors). I know this wasn’t entirely my fault, but it was hard to deal with because I felt like a big disappointment… I’ll do better next time!

Jeju Traditional 5 Day Market

We went to the 5 Day Market for the first time. Wow! The energy in that place is unbelievable! The place is HUGE, there are tons of people there, and countless vendors selling anything and everything: produce, meat, fresh fish, pets, farm animals, plants, tables, dishes, clothes, shoes, spices,household items, you name it! There were also many little stands cooking up some food and there were a few little restaurants set up on the outside perimeter. Also, I came prepared. The week before I studied a little Korean to ask how much stuff is and understand what they would say back to me… It totally paid off! I felt so accomplished to be able to communicate in a different language!

Small Produce Section at the 5-day Market

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!! I know many of you may find this shocking considering where I grew up, but this year was the first time I’ve ever had corned beef and cabbage. Miriah, Karima’s neighbor, invited us over for dinner. She made corned beef and cabbage along with some Bailey’s bread… It was all very good!


2 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. Love these posts, sweet girl. Haven’t quite gotten through all the pics from Japan yet (there’s so many!) But from what I’ve seen so far, looks like you had another awesome adventure! Love, Mama

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